The latest winter storm...

Another winter storm is on the way. The forecast = 15-25 cm of snow within the next 24 hours. The first wave hit last night with a mix of ice pellets and snow. What it left behind was a complete winter wonderland. OK so the cars hate it and traffic sucks but it is arguably the most beautiful I have ever seen this city. On my way to work I pass over the Don Valley and its ravines at three different junctions (the bridge between Castle Frank and Broadview, the Leaside bridge and the Overlea bridge) and it looks like something out of a fantasy. Every tree is lightly dusted with a mix of snow and frost. I don't believe an artist or photographer could truly capture the essence of the scene or create the awe that its beauty inspires. Say what you will for spring blooms or fall colours, it can't possibly compare to today. *sigh*
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