Happy New Year...

Gung Hei Fat Choy

I doubt it would surprise anyone to know that I am a 'snake'. The horoscope for snakes in this, year 4705 of the Chinese calendar, reads as follows:

"This year will find the energetic rat providing a wonderland of opportunities to the awakening snake. Show your true self and be honest with those who care about you. This may be difficult for the snake who is used to keeping tightly coiled, but there will be little need to use your venom to protect yourself this year. Happiness will be abundant in relationships with friends and family as long as you can uncoil. Successful results in business, especially new ventures, lie ahead for you. Your ability to take quick, decisive actions and make the right decisions will be a great benefit to your career. This may lead you to some big opportunities that you will be ready to take advantage of. Curb the impulsive to spend unwisely. Earth influences favor conservative spending for the snake, but with energy flowing so strongly, you may not be able to resist a quick buy that can turn out to be a mistake ."

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