Juliet daydreams

Of nothing in particular...

As much as I hate saying this, that was yet another depressing weekend. Well, I guess it is good that it is over?! Spent too much $$. Got a canker sore. The weather was terrible - I was pelted with freezing rain on Saturday and fell rather resoundingly on the subsequent ice on Sunday. And now I feel like I haven't even had a weekend. *pouts*

Well there was some good news. After their humiliating defeat of last week, Real Madrid slaughtered their opponents this week 7-0. Of course, I didn't get to watch it...figures. As for the BAFTAs, Atonement won Best Picture and Marion Cotillard won Best Actress. And, like the Real game, I didn't get to watch this either...figures. That wasn't my fault though - it wasn't broadcast in Canada (or maybe it was, I just didn't see it listed anywhere). Instead, we were stuck with the Grammys. I shouldn't make that sound like its a bad thing. After all, the Grammys are, more or less, the only awards show worth watching because the talent actually performs on the telecast. Last night's performances were very, how shall I put it, 'subdued'. It appeared no one wanted to make a mistake or do anything particularly original - they were very tame and very structured. Kanye didn't need the glitz - his performance is way better on its own without the bells and whistles. Tina Jr (aka Beyonce) was outdone by the 69 year old original - although I did admire Beyonce's efforts to gain enough weight to look exactly the same size as Tina. Carrie Underwood was afraid to move lest she destroy her perfectly coiffed hair extensions. Rihanna, who performed what was arguably the most memorable song of the year, was reduced to a mere sidenote - faltering in the shadow of the much more charismatic Morris Day and the Time. Are the 80s performers really that much better than the current lot of so-called talent out there or is my generation gap thing kicking in?? I went to sleep long before the much touted Amy Winehouse performance. I sincerely doubt I missed anything worthwhile. *snooze* Thankfully Kanye won his categories. He may be a jerk but his songs (with the exception of Gold Digger) are fab.

I walked past the Scientology protest this weekend. A lot of young and relatively good looking guys dressed in the Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta masks. I hate to say it but that mask is actually kind of sexy in person - O_o....Who knew??? Anyhow, I have nothing against Scientology - IMO, it is barely a religion. I personally believe that the 'religion' of Scientology was an afterthought created purely for the sake of obtaining a tax cut to facilitate funding for other Scientology ventures - none of which are really that bad. If people want to follow Scientology I have nothing against them. It is no different than adherents to any other religion. Whatever works for you. As for the claims that Scientology wants to make money off its followers, name me a religion that doesn't???

I also visited Hazelton Lanes on Saturday to shop at Whole Foods. It was the one truly bright spot of the weekend. I think Hazelton Lanes is my 'Tiffany's'. As Holly Golightly says..."the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there." Plus I got to pick up some travel brochures. It's not that far away...398 days.

2008 Booklist
6 / 36 (16.67%)

Finished The Machiavelli Covenant. It was wonderfully exciting...too much so. Although it was terribly unrealistic, it certainly  would make a wonderful movie - a thriller on the lines of Air Force One featuring a good-hearted and intelligent president (I'm thinking Tom Hanks as the Prez). Only bad part was the dreadful epilogue...why oh why did you have to end the novel like that???? *rolls eyes* I'm going to finish up The Prince and then the rest of the month is free for whatever fiction I so desire.

Cheryl just came in mentioning how much $$ she is going to have to pay for income tax this year. She made me a little nervous for a second there...after all, I took $$ out of my RRSPs this year AND I didn't take any classes - hence no tax breaks. In other words, I am definitely going to have to pay. But, with that in mind, I can always take more $$ out of my RRSPs to pay for income tax. In fact, I kind of hope I have to pay. It will give me a genuine excuse to withdraw from my RRSPs in March/April. Then I will have enough $$ to tide me over until my 3 paycheque month in October and thus eliminate all the final obstacles that remain between now and the magical Ides of March 2009. The sooner I do my income tax, the sooner I can get this resolved. Hurry up end of February!!! I need those RRSP receipts!!!

For the record, I really wish:
A) winter was over
B) the February Finance meeting is short and sweet
C) that I get to RELAX this upcoming long weekend
D) that I finally start feeling better - both physically and emotionally
E) that Rafa would be in a tournament soon...he makes everything better
F) that I would win the lottery

Hopefully at this time next week at the very least items B and C will have come true - ideally D and F as well. I can hold out a little longer for item  E based on his fixed schedule. I am at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes to item A...However, if F happens, frankly I don't care how long the Toronto winter lasts as I will be vacationing for a very long time in some incredibly warm and spectacularly beautiful Mediterranean resort. :-)

Wants in the following order...

f, d, e, c, a (b is not applicable)