Shakespeare - Writer's Block

*is bored*

I really want to post something but alas, have nothing of significance to say. It's snowing out...again...Well, at least it's pretty. Let's not mention the temperature. The writer's strike is, more or less, over so there should be some new episodes later on  this season...No promises for next season though as apparently the actors may be going on strike starting in the summer. Oh joy! *rolls in the sarcasm* I have no work to do...not one thing. I've even finished preparing the briefing materials for the weekend meetings. So for the remainder of the workday I'll be reading the rest of The Prince. I'm at the point when Nicco starts rambling on about the personal traits of the ideal prince (aka Chez). Yesterday I was fortunate to have discovered a second hand copy of my March must-read, The Hunchback of Notre Dame,  for only $3.99 and that purchase included a free dvd of the Lon Chaney classic movie adaptation of the novel. I must say, that certainly seemed like a bargain.

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