The muchly loved long, long weekend...

Wow what a wonderfully relaxing, stress-free and muchly needed long weekend. It commenced with a day off on Friday and JCS on Friday night – and that, of course, garners a separate post. Saturday  morning was the only somewhat annoying part of the weekend – the dreadful Finance Committee meeting – but since it really only involved a discussion on the budget it went by without a hitch and I was home before 2 on Saturday leaving the remainder of the weekend free. First up…the Real Madrid loss. WTF?? That is twice in three weeks now. Obligatory grocery shopping followed (and took my mind off the loss). The remainder of the day (and for the most part of the weekend) was taken up by reading since it became virtually impossible to rent Across the Universe. I completed The Prince on Thursday and both started and finished The Birth of Venus over the weekend. I really enjoyed Nicco – he made me feel ‘normal’, if that makes any sense. As for TBOV, it was your typical historical fiction/romance novel. I forgot how truly trivial and cliché those novels can be at times – but they do thankfully provide a great escape from reality. The current read, The Palace, keeps me in the historical fiction genre, and also in the Italian Renaissance, following the life of a vampire who just happens to be a close personal friend of Lorenzo de’Medici. All this time I have always lusted after his brother, Giuliano de’Medici (one look at him and you would know why) but after commencing this novel it is all about Lorenzo. He was so, umm, perfect. *swoon* I’m starting to believe that Lorenzo was single-handedly responsible for the Renaissance. It’s probably not a good sign for this novel that I am more interested in Lorenzo than the lead character.

2008 Booklist
8 / 36 (22.22%)

And speaking of historical fiction, I watched Quo Vadis in its entirety on Monday. OMG LMAO. The Christians…worshipping the ‘dead carpenter’, performing their rites ‘in stealth’. How could you not find this movie funny??? Poor poor Nero…I daresay Peter Ustinov’s take on the last of the Julio-Claudians is, unfortunately, the way the majority of the world does view my poor little misunderstood Lucius. How sad!! Well, needless to say, the historicity of this movie was barely accurate at best. And, for the record, THE CHRISTIANS DID START THE FIRE!!! How many times do I have to tell you that before you are truly convinced? *shakes head* Other weekend tv included the BAFTAs which did air…one week after the fact. Marion looked lovely but her dress looked like something off of the Diane Kruger rack…in other words, a little, err, umm, off. Oh well…she still won Best Actress. YAY! No major spectacles, in fact, aside from the somewhat amusing host, the show was rather drab. Is it just me or does Keira Knightley’s boyfriend, Rupert Friend, look an awful lot like Orlando Bloom? I even thought that when I first saw him in Pride & Prejudice. quidquid

And so begins the week…another tourney, another first round loss for F-Lo. To top it off, he even lost to Rafa in doubles…*snickers*… Rafa’s first singles match is tomorrow vs Tursunov.

Dang!! It’s snowing…AGAIN. *runs and hides*

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It’s probably not a good sign for this novel that I am more interested in Lorenzo than the lead character.

In the novel I'm reading the lead character's son is a thousand times more interesting than she is...I wish the author had written the book from his pov...but ya...not a good sign.

another first round loss for F-Lo

Dang why did you have to go and tell me :(