Across the Universe

I had the great pleasure of FINALLY watching Across The Universe. With all the potential for this movie to be one of my favourites (a musical + set in the bohemian 60s + directed by Julie Taymor) I was so afraid that it was not going to live up to my expectations. Fortunately, I was very wrong. It was fantastic - more so than I could have hoped for. I dread to say the obvious but it was a cross between Hair and Moulin Rouge - two of my most favourite play/movies. The cast, all virtual unknowns, was stellar. While I am not a huge fan of the Beatles music (IMO they have a few really classic songs but the majority of the others are just passable pop ditties at best), I thoroughly enjoyed the remakes for this movie and its soundtrack. This new spin on the Beatles' library made the songs more appealing, more memorable and more relevant to a contemporary audience who didn't get to grow up with the Beatles. I know this movie didn't receive a lot of praise but I think for the most part Julie Taymor did a great job combining music, story and visuals. There were some weird, trippy moments that I probably could have done without (i.e. the circus) and I really don't think the 'celebrity' cameos - Eddie Izzard, Selma Hayek, Bono - were necessary although I did like Bono in is his pseudo-Timothy Leary guru roll even if he reminded me a little too much of Robin Williams. My only other criticism is that there could have been more story development - sometimes it seemed as though the music was the guiding force for the plot rather than the other way around. Like Moulin Rouge I believe this movie would make a much better stage play. Here's hoping!!

Add this one to my DVDs must have list...once this whole Blu-Ray disc vs regular disc situation is sorted out.