3:10 to Yuma

Our corner store rental rate for DVDs is 2 for $5 so, along with yesterday's Across The Universe, I rented 3:10 To Yuma which turned out to be better than I had expected. It is not the usual type of movie I watch and I suppose it may be for that very reason that it was so enjoyable - it was a pleasant change from the usual period pieces/historical romance/dramas. Then again, I reckon it does actually qualify as a 'period piece'. Russell Crowe was brilliant as always - he tends to be that way, no matter the movie (from L.A. Confidential to The Insider to Gladiator to A Beautiful Mind to Master & Commander to A Good Year....)

I must start expanding my movie-watching repertoire. Next up...Eastern Promises

Let's not discuss the Real Madrid game...and let's move on now to the Oscar countdown (YAY!!!)