The "Hair Decree"....

Yes I am already planning for Oberammergau 2010. I started doing a little research online about the trip and the play and discovered this mandate included as part of the facts/schedule of events:

  • Ash Wednesday 2009 - The "Hair Decree" - from this date on all the men in Oberammergau taking part in the play are requested to let their hair and faces grow.
*recovers, bows to the authorities of Oberammergau and begs local politicians to consider a similar decree*

Did I mention I'll be moving to Oberammergau ....!!! Lord knows I was meant to live in a city that mandates it men to grow long hair and beards.

The Dubai Day Two update: Rafa won...period. With the time difference I only was able to see the final set and I daresay what I remember most about it was seeing Uncle Toni in short shorts. *raises eyebrow*  Hmmm, not bad.