From the Ides to St. Patrick's....

I was scarily busy this weekend. I hate weekends like that - you can never really enjoy them. Next weekend I have four full days of relaxation on order. In fact, I'm thinking of taking next Tuesday off as well!! Why not? But before I get too excited, how about a quick recap...

Friday night I finished reading The Mystery of Simonetta which now puts me at....

2008 Booklist
11 / 36 (30.56%)
The new read, In the Company of the Courtesan, keeps me in the Renaissance but unfortunately not in 15th century Medici Florence but 16th century Venice...not exactly my favourite period. I'll enjoy it nonetheless, I'm sure.

Saturday was, of course, the Ides. If I had to guess, I'd estimate that maybe as much as 50% of the population has any clue of what exactly the Ides of March are. But, apparently, there are weirdos like me who consider it a true day of reverence and appropriately, should be celebrated. I thought some of the ideas for celebrating were cute so I am referring you to this page should you so wish to belatedly mark the occasion. I think next year an Ides party may be in the works....

Saturday evening consisted of a jaunt over to the Canada Blooms show at the Convention Centre. It was so warm out in the day that I was able to wear my spring coat....of course I was freezing when I walked home at night but still, spring is in the air. I am certainly not crafty and am a firm believer in the concept of paying people to do these things for you i.e. cooking, sewing, decorating, etc. Going to a gardening/floral decoration show is not exactly my idea of the perfect time but it was fun nonetheless and the exhibits were pretty to look at. I did get overwhelmed by the aroma of hyacinths which permeated the air and that is always a good thing!! hyacinths = love

Saturday night I watched August Rush which is very much a 'feel-good' kind of movie (eek, I so hate cliches!!). Even though the plot was incredibly implausible, it still managed to hold my attention for its two hour duration. Worth renting! Still, I'm desperate to watch Across the Universe again...*bemoans lack of $$$*

Rafa won his first match at Indian Wells on, from what I have read, a very windy day. Alas, I was attending Canada Blooms and did not witness the brilliance first hand but I am certain it was delectable. Unfortunately, F-Lo has already lost, otherwise he'd be playing Rafa later today. Dang...that could have been, err, amusing.

Let's not mention the Real Madrid game...let's just pretend it never happened....I really hope for his sake that Pepe avoided Iker in the locker room...I can only imagine the tirade...

Jorge arrived Saturday night. *cringes*

Sunday involved the annual visit to the gato dottore for Rutger who, knock on wood, is fine (full results to follow later this week).  Poor little gato...they trimmed his nails which is something niviene and I have never done in the past to him. I'm certain he was taken a little aback. *snickers*

June came by to cut  my hair. I caved and cut layers and bangs again even though I had been contemplating letting them grow out. Well they do make me look younger and they are easier to deal...sort of. It's hard to believe but the next time I trim my hair will be the week before the Rogers Cup. *is scared* Rogers Cup = 126 days away

And, of course, it was Palm Sunday...everyone repeat after me....."Hosanna Heysanna Sanna Sanna Ho...Hey JC, JC won't smile at me, Sanna Ho Sanna Hey Superstar" (You can see where my priorities lie!)

I think that covers this past weekend. Tonight is the by-election. It is interesting to note that I have yet to see one single advert for our local PC candidate (not that I am voting PC). I think they have resigned to the fact that they will not win...ahhh, democracy in action...how truly pathetic. Also tonight, income tax return will be taken to H+R Block for processing. I know I am going to have to pay since I withdrew funds from RRSPs...I just hope it is not a lot of $$$. Well I guess I'll just have to withdraw more funds from my RRSPs anyways so no biggie. And on that note, only 363 days until the end of debt. That's right...LESS THAN ONE YEAR AWAY!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
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