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Income tax has been filed. I still can't believe it - even though I withdrew a lot of $$ from my RRSPs last year I barely have to pay any income tax. Thank the gods!! This year I will be withdrawing a little more $$ from my RRSPs as well to tide me over for the next while until about October when my three paycheque month comes in to carry me to those much dreamed about debt free times.

Kind of boring day today. I am really tired as I didn't get much sleep last night. I was up at 1:30 am and could not get back to sleep again until about 4 am. I did have a good dream about Sawyer (Lost) though so I guess that compensates. I just hope this wake up/not get back to sleep cycle does not keep repeating. Well at least I only have two more sleeps until the long weekend starts on Thursday so it can't be that bad.

Kind of depressing news this morning. I found out Anthony Minghella passed away. He was still quite young - only in his 50s. I loved The English Patient - it was a beautiful movie to watch. I never had the chance to see Cold Mountain and I can't say as I loved The Talented Mr. Ripley but again, like EP, it was gorgeous. AM definitely made the most of the stunning scenery that framed his films. He will be missed.

Hmmm, what's up tonight?? I guess American Idol - week two of the Beatles music. *swoons* Hmmm... I think I need to rewatch some of my all-time fav American Idol performances...

#3 - Season Five - Chris Daughtry performing Wanted, Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)...seriously, I may actually prefer his version to Bon Jovi's....(again, refresh my memory, why didn't he win????)

#2 - Season Four (arguably the best season ever) - Constantine Maroulis performing Nights on Broadway (Bee Gees). Yes it is supremely cheesy, right down to the disco white jacket and the sucking up to the audience, but it's brilliant. I daresay that his Bohemian Rhapsondy (Queen) was better or more memorable but I kind of prefer this one....

#1 - Season Four (in fact I believe this clip is from the very same episode from which the #2 selection was derived) - Bo Bice performing Vehicle.  I LOVE THIS SONG...and he was made to perform it...Never has anyone made better use of a microphone stand.  And of course it doesn't hurt that he looks 'biblical'...Well I'm certain many would agree Bo had better songs throughout the season but this one is the most umm, captivating...to both watch and listen to...

Clearly, I guess if you want my vote, you have to (a) be male (I think the only female I ever liked until this season was Fantasia) and (b) have either long hair or no hair. Yep, well that would explain Jason Castro *nods*....Speaking of which, and for the record, I did not include current year performances in the above all-time fav selection. *cough**Michael Johns performing Light My Fire**cough* Hopefully there will be one or more to add to the list once this season is up.
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