Rafa + Feli...in Dubai...together...

I'm just not sure what strikes me as the most intriguing fact in this interview:

From a (translated) interview with Feliciano Lopez in Dubai:

Dubai is the best week of Lopez in a long time. Even he lived for several days in the seven-star hotel "Burj Al Arab", thanks to Rafael Nadal lent him a room in the megasuite that the organization gave to the world number two. But Nadal returned to Spain on the night of Thursday, and Lopez had to move to a "conventional" hotel

"Today I have moved because he went away, Rafa told me that the hotel was worthwhile and he was right. Outside you see it and you say, 'my mother!'. Inside is impressive, yes, but outside is spectacular" he explained, while laughed to confess that, unlike Nadal, he did not have a mirror on the ceiling, above the bed. "No, mine was normal ...!"
Perhaps it could be the poor translation....I sincerely doubt 'my mother' was the choice expletive emitted in this instance. Nor can I envision Rafa reviewing a hotel by deeming it 'worthwhile' *snickers*....

Or maybe it's the fact that Rafa and Feli are now sharing suites *raises eyebrow*...ooooh the possibilities...

Nope, I'd have to say the most appealing tidbit of news is that Rafa had a mirrored ceiling....*eyedart* You know, I don't even think I need to comment on that. I'll leave you to your own imagination. Please remember, as you further ponder and attempt to visualize the scenario, that this is the same man who deemed it necessary to inform the world that his body is "perfect". 'Nuff said.

Ummm, errr...just checking facts here...did Roger get one of those rooms as well??? You'd think so but somehow I have a feeling his tastes may be a little more, ahem, decadent.... *evil grin*
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