Depressed on April Fool's Day...

Today has been relatively crappy. My lower abdomen is still bothering me. The weather is terrible - it's windy (in fact, they have issued a 'high wind warning' *is scared*) and raining. I've received at least six calls today about stupid residential transfers for the 08/09 season which doesn't start until September and I already have one residential transfer denial which means a registration appeal is pending *groans*. For the most part, I like my job, but if this keeps up I will definitely be looking to move on. Let's see...what do I have to look forward to tonight? American Idol contestants are performing Dolly Parton songs...*groans*. And Rafa just stepped on court so I won't get to watch his match *pouts*...I'm certain he'll win but alas, then he will have to face Blake in QFs,  and hence, yet another nail-biter. Of course Roger won today - how could he not since his competition for the week has consisted entirely of unseeded players...nor does the remainder of the tourney look to pose any threat for him with future competition being either another unseeded player or Andy Roddick (whom Roger has a 15-1 record against) in QF and at the very best, Davydenko or Youhzny in the SF. YAWN.

Finally some good news!! Phil said he would drive me home. At least I don't have to deal with that wind!!

*prays* Please let the TTC go on strike. Just a couple of days is all I'm asking for.

By the way, I really did want to compose a witty April Fool's joke for my LJ post but alas I just am too bummed out to. Maybe next year.

Note to self: you know it is bad when you use the term 'alas' twice in one post.
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