Rory & Paris - Squee

Getting ready for the weekend....

Nothing much happening here. Phil is out of the office today (*kelebrates*) so I plan on leaving very, very early. Since I expect to finish up the Lewis Carroll books this afternoon, I want to stop off at Chapters to pick up a couple of eagerly-awaited for novels from my wishlist on the way home.  In other shopping news, I purchased a year's supply of contact lenses for $200  - with a $30 mail-in rebate and $100 rebate for insurance coverage making the total cost only $70!! Even more exciting is the knowledge that the next time I purchase contact lenses I will be debt-free and can afford daily disposables until such time as I have saved enough money to get laser eye surgery to correct my vision. One of my friends is  having the surgery next week so I'll see how it goes for him. Other forthcoming purchases: renewals of my Toronto Star subscription and renewal of my LJ paid account.

In tv news, I have learned that next week's theme on Idol is 'inspirational songs'...WTF is that?? It should go without saying  that I will pledge my allegiance to anyone who manages to perform a song from JCS...if JCS isn't 'inspirational' I don't know what is?! On Sunday's ep, Adam will be placing Sharon and Sheila on the block...I smell a conspiracy brewing!! Finally, something interesting.

In Miami, Rafa plays his SF against Berdych today at 1 PM. Yes he has had a bit of problem with Berdych in the past but I'm thinking the fact that it is currently 26 (35 with humidity) will work in Rafa's favour. Meanwhile, Roger lost  to Andy Roddick in the QFs. o_O....I have no words.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. The forecast is sun, sun, sun...and double digit temperatures. FINALLY!!!