Tennis, Futbol,F1, Movies, Books...in other words, the usual...

What a beautiful weekend. Sunshine and temperatures in the double digits!!! What do I do?? Read. Watch tennis. Watch futbol. Watch movies.*headdesk*

OK I did go out on Saturday but for the most part I was a shut in. Well the good news is that at least it is nice out again and I can start walking home from Castle Frank or Sherbourne or College or wherever I so desire!! Now I just need some spring clothes and shoes to get me through the season.

Sports roll-call: After a great run in Miami, beating both Blake and Berdych, Rafa lost to Davydenko in the final. I should be upset but I'm not as I can see a vast improvement in his hard court game (and his confidence on hard court). It is almost a shame that clay court season has to arrive now. I wish they could schedule the Australian Open at this time instead of January...everyone plays better tennis after a couple of months on hard court and the competition would be much fiercer than just off the gate at the beginning of the season. Felippe Massa won the Bahrain Grand Prix which I did not watch because of the time differences. MEH. Real Madrid tied Mallorca...it was mildly painful to watch after Sergio Ramos received a red card. Next up: Real Murcia (never heard of them!!) on Sunday (2:30 PM...Toronto time).

Books: Finished both Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. They were umm...interesting. A lot of issues in those novels. I truly loathed the artwork of John Tenniel - I know he is the 'definitive illustrator' of the Alice novels but his illustrations truly ruined the books for me. I'm currently 2/3 of the way through Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, a humorous novel about the impending Armageddon. Well I suppose if you can't make the end of the world seem funny, it is just not worth reading about!!!

Movies: I finally watched Eastern Promises which should have been a mini-series but unfortunately was condensed into a two-hour (actually not even that long) movie. Think the Russian version of The Godfather only not quite as good as the Coppola classic. Also watched No Reservations  which was a...well...I really don't know...I suppose a romantic dram-edy???? I suppose it would satisfy the typical 30-50 year old if there really isn't anything else appealing at the time. Next up theatre movie: Nim's Island - which I will more than likely watch this weekend. In sad movie-related news, I was most upset to learn that Charlton Heston passed away. I can't say as I supported some of his personal choices but as far as an actor goes he was iconic and will thankfully live on forever in his numerous epics that paved the way for the historical classics of  today.  R.I.P.
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