From Friday to Tuesday...

I haven't posted in ages and of course have a backlog of things to post.

Friday night I was watching Star Wars, Episode IV, which I prefer to call the original Star Wars. It made me realize two things. Notably, it was the first film I ever saw in a theatre. And although I was but a wee lass at the time, I do recall enjoying Han Solo - he was (and still is) my favourite character in the series (aside of course from Obi-Wan...as you may well know, I do have a thing for eccentric, holy men!!). I am quite sure that this innocent little attraction to Han Solo has basically shaped my taste in men over the years. OK so he doesn't exactly look 'biblical' but he sure has the flamboyant attitude, non-stop charisma and decent proportions that normally get my attention...think Tristan, Christian Troy, Marek, Chez....I blame it all on you Han Solo!!! * shakes fist*

Watched a couple of DVDs - Resident Evil: Extinction which was very short and really didn't resolve anything in the ongoing story. Based on the ending, I assume a fourth part to the series will be forthcoming. Also watched Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep which was sweet...great scenery - presumably the lovely warm green fields of New Zealand subbing for Scotland whenever possible. Of course I'd rather Scotland itself. And on that subject...Bothwell Gerard Butler was perfectly cast in Nim's Island and, surprisingly, did a great job on screen with Jodie Foster. Although I haven't read the book, the movie supposedly adhered quite closely to the original and I am muchly looking forward to reading it after niviene buys it as I'm sure she will *crosses fingers*.

Finished up reading The Sidewalk Artist which, as a novel, was very captivating but, for the storyline itself, was horrid. In fact, I felt violated reading it. How dare they even hint at the thought that Rapha loved someone other than Margherita. OK so there really isn't any proof per se, but don't shatter my image of Rapha & Margherita as a couple. Margherita was the love of his life...much like Simonetta Vespucci was to half of the Florentine nobility. The only way my ego can survive looking at the Helen of Troy of Fiorenza (the very woman who captivated both Giuliano and Lorenzo, not to mention Sandro) is knowing that Margherita got Rapha which gives us normal girls a kernel of hope. I'm now reading The Julian Secret, which, frankly, I have no idea what it is about yet....from what I can tell, It is a religio-mystery-thriller but it is taking dreadfully long to get where it is presumably going.

Real Madrid won...barely... and against Real Murcia whom they should have flat out massacred. Granted they played short-handed for the majority of the game and it didn't help that Sergio Ramos was out serving his suspension.  They did win though. Hopefully Van Nistelrooy will be back soon.

Team Spain (aka Models-R-us) eased their way into the Semi Finals in Davis Cup play and will face off against the Americans in the Semis next September...in Spain...presumably on the lovely, clay courts. Can't wait to see Blake and Roddick squirm!!! I'm still catching up on all the action as there was a virtual blackout of coverage here. That task should tide me over till the next big tourney...Monte Carlo. Eeek!! I haven't checked to see if F-Lo is playing anywhere this week. Well that will be project #1 for tomorrow now that I am caught up, more or less, at work.

Of course I did fall a bit behind at work due to the fact that I spent the past couple of days accurately cataloging my music on iTunes which in turn was downloaded (or is it uploaded?) onto the iPod. That was a chore but now that it is done I'm loving it. ITunes is so simple to use. And the new Ipod has been properly christened. I put it on random play and the first three songs that came on were Gethsemane, Layla and Vehicle. YEP, that's MY Ipod all right!! Good boy...already well-trained!!

Tonight, Idol sings Mariah Carey. Although the elimination of Michael Johns was, IMO, a complete and utter debacle (I fault Han Solo for my attraction to him), I'm thankful he didn't  have to subject himself to a mentor session with that nitwit. Too bad for the rest of the lot. For the record, I am all but convinced Idol is fixed. Every week they balance off the remaining contestants - that is, one week a girl goes and the next week a guy goes. It always winds up with an even number of girls and guys. That just seems a little too odd. quidquid. If Brooke and Carly are eliminated, I am giving up...okay well maybe I'll still turn it on to look at Jason. :-)

Also tonight, on Big Brother (spoilers ahead) I can't wait to see Natalie's reaction when Sheila puts her up for elimination after Adam wins POV. I don't care how it is done but I want Natalie gone ASAP...she is so annoying. Actually, pretty much everyone is annoying on that show - except Sharon. I still hope Sheila wins...

To finish up...a most happy birthday to the wisest man who ever lived. If he were still alive today *raises eyebrow*, he'd be 556 years old. Somehow, if anyone could achieve that feat, I'm certain Leo would be that man.
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