Eliminations and weak novel storylines...

There is a God in Heaven!! Both Kristy, from American Idol, and Natalie, from Big Brother, were eliminated last night.  I honestly thought, or rather, dreaded, that both of them would survive for yet another week. Thankfully, everyone came to their senses and did the right thing. I can't wait until all these reality tv shows are over and the real shows return...Moonlight, Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl all start up again next week!! Note to self: must find Rufus icon for LJ

Finished up The Julian Secret which, in a nutshell, was pretty crappy. It started out slowly, got slower, picked up immensely when the lead female character was removed from the picture, became increasingly interesting for about 100 pages and then died a slow, miserable and cliche-ed death. As for the big reveal in this religio-mystery novel, MEH, it was hardly anything worth writing about. 
In truth, 'discovery' was basically something that should exist. The Romans were such sticklers for legalese and following procedures that it would surprise me more if the fictional mandate didn't really exist. After all, Pilate surely would have wanted to cover his ass since Tiberius was being rather meticulous with government officials after the Sejanus reign of terror came to its abysmal conclusion . And contrary to common belief, the Romans didn't just crucify people left, right and centre. Crucifixion was one of the big three - the summa supplicia, or 'supreme penalties' - which also consisted of  decollatio or decapitation (being thrown to beasts would fit in this category) and crematio, or burning...and these punishments were reserved for NON-CITIZENS only. I'm certain the crime and punishment would have been recorded but what happened to that specific record is another question. In truth though, if what Josh did was indeed deemed a crime by the Romans, it really makes no difference because it would be the Romans' interpretation of his actions. We all know that the Romans  had and were the best spin doctors around, miraculously turning any event into something that would inevitably work to their favour. So such a mandate, if it existed, would authenticate the trial and therefore existence of Jesus but anyone with half a brain would realize it was strictly provided through the Roman POV (amazing how 'point of view' and 'power of veto' have the same abbreviation...*hmmm* *ponders this*)...the very same Romans who were of the opinions that Christians were 'cannibals' for 'eating the body and blood of their saviour', among other barbaric acts. *LOL*  I have to stop ranting! It's just this stuff gets me so riled up! *pinches self*

OK so that makes two really horrid novels back-to-back. I am avoiding the Magdalene/Salome novel for now 'cause I'm so afraid it will disappoint (even though I did take a peak at it and Judas, conveniently therein named Jude, is a good guy *YAY*) and I just don't want to suffer through another bad historical fiction novel, especially one set in 1st century Judaea. I'll settle for the Sophy Burnham novel about the Cathars. That should be safe, right? *is doubtful*

It's 22 degrees and sunny right now...I can't wait to go home. Good job I purchased a new pair of sunglasses yesterday. I really do need them...even if they do make me look as though I should be off riding a Vespa enroute to my hot date at the Borghese Gardens (with Rapha, err, Rafa ???) rather than simply an attempt to avoid the midday sun. Well, I guess that's my cue then...ciao!!!