So much to do...

I'm so bored. I'm actually excited by the prospect of watching a repeat episode of Moonlight tonight - the one where Mick becomes human - *squee*.  Hopefully the plumber we contacted will be able to come by this evening to fix our leaky faucet. It is no longer just a leak...it is a full-fledge fountain in the kitchen and I am rather embarrassed by the amount of water that we are wasting. Only problem is this plumber operates on HIS time and nivieneand I always have to adjust OUR schedules to accommodate him. In other words, we are at his mercy. My guess, he doesn't show up until about 10:30 PM on Sunday night. *rolls eyes* 

There are so many little things that need to be dealt with this weekend:
  • to the dollar store for replacement drain filters
  • to Canadian Tire to purchase new liners for cat litter box
  • to PJs Pet Centre to purchase new filters for cat litter box
  • to Lululemon to check out their bags
  • to Shoppers Drug Mart to purchase some muchly need sunscreen + the new Conair tourmaline rollers which go on sale commencing tomorrow
  • to WBB to pick up the latest Cantarella release (volume 9) - only one more left
Other tasks for this weekend: review Rafa pics and videos from Miami and Davis Cup (I'm soooo behind), sort and select Gago icons, finish reading The Treasure of Montsegur, watch Real Madrid game - 1PM Sunday, Big Brother on Sunday night  (Sheila and Sharon are put up on the block!!!), resume treadmill workouts (did I mention I've successfully completed two weeks of yoga sessions at 6:30 AM!!...I must keep this going!!)

I'd love to walk part of the way home tonight but time is of the essence and I don't want to waste any second of it on a leisurely stroll home. TTC goes on strike on Monday which means Phil will be chauffeuring me to and from work. I'm quite looking forward to that since it means I'll get to sleep in since he normally doesn't show up at work until about 10 am or so. Hopefully the strike will last all week.

Lotto is $15 million tonight. *crosses fingers*
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Bring on the $15,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I want to do is stay home this weekend write, rest, read, maybe rent a movie, watch a Real Madrid game where Sergio is actually playing and not do a single thing. Why is it we always seem to have errands on the days I'm sick and want to just be? *sigh*

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