TTC Strike, Meetings & Moonlight...

The dreadful bi-monthly meetings were this weekend and I had three to attend (Finance, Junior & Minor/Junior). Fortunately they were extremely straightforward and brief. The minutes should take me only a day at most to complete. I had to be at the hotel for 9 AM and, of course, Rafa's match was starting just when I was leaving. Thankfully there was internet connection available during the M/J meeting so I kept the livescores up and was very much aware of the Rafa victory. I will admit that I did have a rather difficult time restricting my cheering to a semi-audible mumble.  No livescores available for the Djoker/Feds match. When I found out Nole retired I wasn't that shocked. He has quite a history of the practice. WIMP. Not to mention, that seems to be the Federer MO for winning of late...make the opponent retire. Roger will have to rely on his own skills tomorrow...it will take an near-apocalyptic cataclysm to prevent Rafa from finishing a match. A  rare occasion to see the top four seeds make it to the Semis with the 1&2 seeds going on to the Finals. The Monte-Carlo organizers are blessed.

En route to the hotel for my meetings I was informed by my taxi driver that the TTC went on strike. That would explain why it took me six calls to  taxi companies to finally get through. I was starting to get a little paranoid that I wouldn't make it to the meeting on time but it all worked out in the end. With all the errands I had to run on my way home and all the extra traffic because of the TTC strike, it took me over an hour to finally make it home. It is usually a 25 minute trip. Thankfully my work pays for my taxi fare or I wouldn't have been able to attend the meetings. Naturally the provincial government has planned to subsequently legislate the TTC employees back to work - and thus completely ruins my plans for a day off on Monday!! :( I do feel terrible for those people who were stranded last night at Midnight when the TTC workers simply walked off the job without any notice given. It is appalling that they can just keep getting away with this type of behaviour. For those of us who have no other choice, the TTC is the only way to travel but clearly it is not the so-called "better way".

The return of Moonlight on Friday night was, if possible, better than expected. I only wished they had kept Mick human for another week. And seriously, that was way too much pawning of flesh! Hmmm, that does remind me though...when does the Amazing Race start up again???
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the TTC is the only way to travel but clearly it is not the so-called "better way".

Agreed it's not the better way. TTC means "Take The Car".