Happy Cinco de Mayo...celebrations all around...

What a weekend for sports! First Rafa’s victory in Barcelona. I never doubted he would win this event but I am impressed that Ferrer managed to take a set from him in the final. I always laugh when I see him with that trophy. It is just so huge – it looks impossible to lift.  LOL

Following up on the Rafa win came the Real Madrid game. Wow! The first half of the game was extremely dull and it ended in a 0-0 tie. The crowd was rowdy and once again attempted to annoy Iker in an effort to get him off his game.  This was the same group last year who threw a lighter at him (EVIL OSASUNA FANS!!). Three seconds into the second half, Cannavaro received a red card leaving the team to play short handed for the remainder of the game. A questionable penalty call at the 83 minute mark gave Osasuna a goal within only a few minutes left on the clock. It didn’t help that it was pouring rain. Although the outlook was bleak but I wasn’t too upset…I knew Real Madrid would win the title eventually – maybe not this game but definitely at home against Barcelona or, worst-case scenario, the following week. But then just when you thought it was over, Robben scored to tie it up and only moments later Higuain scored the game-winning and La Liga Championship winning goal. That is the third time in three consecutive weeks that Higuain has come in as a substitute and scored. It was a very dramatic finish to a less than dramatic but impressive season nonetheless. It was nice to see everyone celebrate on field and I’m certain I’ll be spending a good portion of the day perusing the internet for photos and videos of the celebrations. Bonus: GolTV is rebroadcasting the game tonight!!

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YAY & congrats for Rafa, Real Madrid, and all us fans :D
That barcelona trophy I think weighs 13 kilos :P
Ai...Real Madrid <3 love them!!!! Great that we won, waiting for el clasico n the guard of honor by barfa players hehehe :D
13 kilos!!!! *eyedart* Thank God he has those biceps.
It is so funny how you call them Barfa!! LOL!! I'm finding a way to leave work early tomorrow so I can watch the match live.
YAY Rafa!

Dang I hated missing that game(the Spa is a justifiable reason) but at least I saw the encore presentation which was lucky! I really don't like Osasuna. I'm glad RM kicked their sorry asses all over the field in the last 10 minutes! \o/ Plus ragging on Gago is just plain FUN! He's so G I R L I E! And I love when he trips which is so often! ROFL
I will permit the Gago-mocking only because I enjoy the Ferrer-mocking and plan on doing more of it in the not-too-distant future. And yes Gago may be GIRLIE but what girl wouldn't kill to have hair like his?!