Roland Garros...errr, or is it Wimbledon???...

Damned rain delays!!!! What is this...WIMBLEDON????

I have a trillion things to post about after my week long torture that was work, followed by the uber-busy weekend but naturally I can't think of any of them right now. I'm too busy being annoyed by the weather in Paris. Light rain today...light rain tomorrow....*headdesk* Well they did manage to get a few matches in. Rogelio is through. Djoker won yesterday (although I did smirk when he lost the first set). A couple of the seeds are already out - Moya (wow, that was a shocker!), Baghdatis and Canas (all I saw of his match was him complaining about something or other..meh!). Eventually Rafa will be on court but at this rate, I'm guessing it won't be till tomorrow (ditto for Feli). *sighs
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After what you told me today I've lost even more respect for him and I hope that someone puts him in his place sooner rather than later...his family are uncouth as well!
The Djokovic family are all lunatics. Unfortunately his come-uppance won't come around that soon. The Roland Garros draw is so easy for him. In his quarter, there is only one other seeded player left = Paul-Henri Mathieu, the #18 seed, so unfortunately he will likely breeze through to the Semis. Schwank is in his quarter though so hopefully the Argentinian will do to him what he did to Moya. As for the Semis the best Novak could possible face is Blake (who probably won't even make it to the Semis knowing him) or Berdych. *sigh* In other words, he basically has a bye to the Semis. And I thought Roger always got the easy draws. *rolls eyes* Meanwhile poor Rafa will likely have to face #26 Nieminen, followed by either #22 Verdasco or #15 Youzhny just to reach the quarters where he will likely have to deal with #10 Murray or #6 Nalbandian before he even gets to Djoker. Don't even get me started with the Federer side of the draw. *grrrrr* All I can hope for is karma in the form of Wimbledon.