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Roland Garros update...

One down, six to go. That was tough through the first set - I think Rafa was testing out his opponent and had to get a feel for him and the court. The wind was terrible - I hope that dies down a bit as the tourney progresses. Rain is scheduled for Thursday but just clouds on Friday and sun on Saturday  and Sunday. Chok-ovic demolished his opponent. F-lo took his opponent to five sets but ultimately was defeated :-( Marion Bartoli also lost in her first round match but I thought I read somewhere that she was injured.  It isn't looking very good for Shahar right now, already down a set. 

I just have to finish up the Junior Council notes and then my work is done - bring on the vacation (only 2 1/2 days to go....)

BTW, my LJ has gone green in homage to Rafa for the remainder of his Roland Garros matches. I was a bit put off by the look when I first saw it but after a while it has grown on me. Then again, Rafa can pretty much wear anything and  look good except maybe that socks with sandals look in the hotel...and then there are those dorky hats...not to mention those extremely loud Nike jackets..hmmmmm, I think I better quit while I'm ahead.... Best comment of the match was when JMac said Rafa should not bother wearing a top, he should just have the Nike logo painted on. *LOL*