Lost....the season finale


....bloody brilliant, though .... 

The two-hour concluding episode of one of the best seasons of "Lost" ended with viewers finally seeing that it was arch rival John Locke in the casket that Jack went to visit in the Season 3 finale. Of course, that only brought up another question: How did Locke get off the island?

That wasn't the only big event. The earth moved - literally - when the island disappears. (Ben activated a time-travel machine, if you must know.) The Oceanic Six, as they were dubbed this season, were in the helicopter when the sea swallows the island. Viewers were left to wonder until next season what happened to rest of the survivors when the mysterious island disappears beneath the waves.

The much-hyped finale capped off the island mystery's fourth season - a year that finally filled in some of the holes in the rich and complicated storyline. And with a definite end in sight - the producers have agreed to two more seasons, ending the show in 2010.

Among the highlights last night:

Desmond and his beloved Penny were reunited - in one of the few happy moments in the episode - aboard a rescue boat that discovers the survivors of a helicopter crash. (IMHO, the best moment on the show...I cried....)

Early in the episode, Sawyer - seemingly among the "safe" group with Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley aboard the helicopter headed off the island - sacrificed himself to save the others. When the 'copter sprung a fuel leak and needed to lose weight to make it back to the freighter, Sawyer jumped from the helicopter. He swam back to the island and was with Juliet when the island disappears.

Jin, Desmond and Michael had a bomb to deal with on the freighter, which was triggered when mercenary Keamy died from stab wounds inflicted by Ben. Sun, aboard the rescue helicopter, witnesses her husband's death from the helicopter when the bomb goes off.

Still unanswered by the finale was the fate of new mother Claire, who popped up in the finale as a ghostly figure in Kate's dream.

Oh and Walt grew up and visited Hurley in the mental hospital. MEH

I watched it and loved it!!!

John Locke in the casket intrigues me. I was disappointed as I rather like the recent teaming up with Ben.

The Penny/Desmond moment was probably the most romantic thing I've seen in years.

I'm becoming more and more convinced that the show is getting into time travel in a big way. But I haven't kept up on recent theories.

Wonderful show. My whole family are huge fans too.
I love the Penny/Desmond storyline. I'll have to pass on the Kate/Jack/Juliet/Sawyer storyline though...they are annoying. I can't wait to see what happens next year.
Penny/Desmond are one of the most compelling modern romantic pairings in recent memory! Really wonderful and so not a tired, hackneyed pairing like Kate/Jack or Juliet/Jack. I absolutely cannot stand Juliet/Jack but can tolerate Kate/Sawyer, although probably not for long!

Me too - cannot wait for next season!