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Vacation Day One...

My week off is progressing sweetly. I’m not missing work one iota. I can’t even log into my email so I am effectively incommunicado until next Monday. Beautiful sunny day today. I went on the roof to sunbathe and read the remainder of Lord of the Flies. That was a somewhat disturbing novel. Why did they have to kill off Simon??? He was my favourite character *pouts* I watched Cloverfield which, as I had been forewarned, was rather odd. Not scary, not mind-blowing…just odd. Also watched Mad Money which offered far too much for me to think about…the moral of the story being don’t let anyone in debt work with money. In other words, it hit a little too close to home for comfort. Plan on spending the remainder of the week cleaning up the apartment a bit and watching Roland Garros.

What a bizarre tournament so far. Looking at the linescores for Rafa’s match against Nando you would have thought Rafa blew him away – 6-1, 6-0, 6-2 but it certainly didn’t seem like as I watched the match. Granted Nando appeared injured and ready to throw in the towel after the first set but then came the rain delay. When they returned, Rafa appeared a little questionable. I started groaning when the trainer came out but he managed to recover just fine – seems he hadn’t eaten and the ‘mysterious red bag’ that was delivered to him via Uncle Toni contained a sandwich to help tide him over until the match ended. Still, Verdasco didn’t step up when he had the chance and Rafa wound up with the victory. Two more to go and the title is his.
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