Rafa up a set and a break. I still can't watch. *bites nails*

EDIT: Up two breaks in the second set now. *peeks at tv*

EDIT #2: After 1 hr 31 mins, Rafa is up two sets...am now able to sit on sofa to watch CHOKDjokovic service games. *breathes*

EDIT #3: Rafa breaks Nole in the first game of the third set. I'm making tea now. May even eat breakfast while watching the remainder of the match...we'll see how it goes....

EDIT #4: WTF was that?? Nole breaks back. *clenches teeth*

EDIT #5: OK, back in here for a little while. Things are getting rough...

EDIT #6: *sobs* I can't take this...all he had to do was serve out for the match and now this!!!

EDIT #7: HE WON HE WON HE WON...and NBC is rebroadcasting the whole match so I'm off to watch it again (or rather, for the first time!!!) :-)
OMGSs you're too funny *hugs*...relax...it's clay...this is Rafa...enough said. Do you seriously think the KING OF CLAY will let a fly like Joke-ovic anywhere near a win unless something was wrong with Rafa and there isn't so all is well. Stop stressing! I never worry about The Kid unless he's making stupid mistakes then I get stressed but as long as he's playing well aka touching the ball well, I know he'll be kicking some serbian ass!!!

Vamos Rafa

I was so glad to see he won and so convincingly! And I found this pic from the end of the match. It's rather tantalizing, IMO....