Et maintenant, le quatrième Coupes des Mousquetaire...


...he is the god of clay. And something I never expected....6-1, 6-3, 6-0...game, set, match...a baguette and a bagel...against FEDERER....in a Slam final. O_O... It almost too unreal. In fairness, it was a mismatch from the go  - Roger clearly not playing to the best of his ability and Rafa playing out-of-his-mind, freaking amazing.  IMO Rafa faced his most difficult challenger in the first round of RG (with a slight nod to the half set of brilliant play by Djerk...*sigh* I can't believe I just typed that...). And yes all the records have been rewritten yet again. I almost wish it wasn't over. Of course I stressed for the first two sets and was only able to watch it when he went up a break in the third. I naturally cried...the tears starting when Rafa went up 4-0 in the final set. But I was relatively calm when Match Point rolled around. Rafa himself seemed subdued with his victory - not that he wasn't grateful. With due respect to his opponent, Rafa just didn't see the need for excessive celebration. Rafa, of all people, can empathize with Roger as he too was in the same situation last year at Wimbledon (having lost the one tourney he wants so desperately to win) Rafa's humble and gracious speech said it all. He is such a deserving young man. I wish him the best of luck in Wimbledon (and for the rest of his carrera). And I fully expect Roger to have plenty more chances to remind us all how great a champion he is.

I bid 'adieu' to the lovely French clay and ready myself now for the greens of England. Vamos!! First tournament starts tomorrow YIKES!! ...although I must admit Roland Garros is not OFFICIALLY over until I see the pics of Rafa touring Paris with the trophy :-D
Cheering boards are extremely therapeutic. I also check out the Federer board on his official site. I like going there to see how the enemy lives...haha, just kidding. It is funny to read what the Rafa fans say about FedEx and what the FedEx fans say about Rafa. It turns out the fans are ultimately quite similar. They show a good deal of respect for both athletes as well as a reasonable to broad knowledge of tennis history. Of course, it doesn't hurt when they take the time to acknowledge how nice Roger's hair is or how cute Rafa looks during a shirt-change *LOL*. And it may surprise you but it is not just women on these boards!
The boards sound fascinating. I must check them out next match.

And it may surprise you but it is not just women on these boards!

Oh, I am not at all surprised that Rafa would have his male groupies as well! LOL. *wink*