Queens, Halle and Weekend Plans...

I saw the lineup for the Queens QFs and thought to myself this would be some brilliant tennis. Boy, how wrong can you be.

Nadal vs Karlovic - I wanted to throw things at my computer screen. 35 aces in 18 service games for Ivo. That is virtually 2 aces every game. I think the only person who could have possibly been more frustrated than myself was Rafa. Poor baby. He probably took those bathroom breaks just to get in some exercise since he clearly had nothing to do on court except watch the aces go past him and wait for the tie-breaks. To his credit, his own service games were brilliant. His serving on grass court has improved by leaps and bounds. I had to laugh at the irony when Karlovic was throwing up his racquet in confusion at how to break the Nadal serve (which he couldn't do, nor did he even obtain a single break point hehehe). Although Rafa lost the first tie-break via a double-fault, he kept his composure and by sheer perseverance won the next two tie-breaks. Next up for Rafa in the SF is....

Roddick vs Murray - Roddick made it into the QF after Mardy Fish retired with an ankle injury. Today, in the battle of the Andys, Roddick didn't even have to step on court as Murray retired from the tourney due to either a problem with his neck or a groin pull or a right thumb injury or mental fatigue due to an insane paranoia that the British fans will absolutely kill him if he loses the first round of Wimbledon. Semi Final #1 = Rafa vs an extremely well-rested Andy Roddick. Well at least Rafa should be able to deal with the aces after today. o_O

Djerk vs Hewitt - I had soooo much hopes for Hewitt. Oh well.

Gasquet vs Nalbandian - Currently in progress. Ohh this is sooo confusing. I like both players. You know how much I'd love to see a Richie/Rafa final but we all know whenever I want to see these two meet it never comes to pass. Either way, it almost goes without saying that I want the winner of this match to go to the final. BTW, I miss watching Gasquet play. I haven't seen him in ages.

Over in Halle the Semis are set - Fed vs Kiefer and Kohlschreiber vs Blake. Two Germans into the Semis - that should offer some consolation to the poor Germans sulking over their beer steins after their recent Euro2008 defeat. That said, I'm fully expecting a Federer/Blake final.

I can't wait until the weekend. Hopefully I'll get to see The Happening as I do enjoy the Shyamalan films. I'm also hoping to rent Jumper on DVD and finally get to see the entire Last King of Scotland as I was only able to see the first half of the movie so far. I loved what I saw but I'm guessing it turns ugly in the second half. At least James McAvoy was able to keep his accent for the movie. YAY *Scottish accent fangirl squee* Of course the Spain/Sweden game is on the agenda...in HD...and the Stella Semis via internet. One other exciting plan...I finally get to star the Stephenie Meyer Twilight saga as I am just about to finish Robinson Crusoe.

The powers that be in Tennis need to take a look a players who just serve and deal out some harsh penalties or something. I mean it's not good for tennis on any level...35 aces is ridiculous and not to mention it's borning. I feel for Rafa but I'm happy that Karlovic wasn't able to break Rafa. I have visions of Rafa in the bathroom pulling a cell phone from behind the tank and calling Uncle Toni and ranting in Spanish about the idiot he has to play then hanging up and running around the locker room before heading back on the court lol! I'd like to see Rafa against Roddick...the comments after especially ifRafa gave him sound thrashing would be too funny *remembers the Fed Ex match*

Really want to see The Happening this weekend! Need to do some studying for my make up Spanish quiz on Tues and the Exam on Thurs...

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My best friend called me saying that they're showin Rafa, so I saw him today!! Yay, it was the tie-break of the 2nd half. Maybe Rafa lost the 1st set coz he wanted me to see him :P lol
Karlovic sure fired many aces! Got on my nerves...Glad Rafa won, I hope he'll do gd against Roddick.

@ Richie: Me toooo!! Sometimes when Rafa & Richie r in the same half, I put hopes that they'll meet, mostly its Richie who loses. I saw a lil of him today, same as u, it has been a long time since I last saw him. Unfortunately he lost :S