Twilight Zone


The weekend went by far too quickly. I remember the thunderstorms which kept arriving at the most inopportune times...*shakes fist* I remember Spain pulling off a victory in the later moments of their game against Sweden. I remember Rafa's triumph over Djokovic to capture his first grass court championship :-)  I remember watching Jumper and Sunshine. I remember starting, and finishing, Twilight. But right now all I can think of is how terribly cold my office is. I'm ordering a portable arrives tomorrow. Until then, I'm wearing a blanket and drinking lots of hot, hot beverages!!
Why do office management feel the need to use up our precious planet resources by wasting electricity to keep the AC at an uncomfortable level? Going form extreme heat outside to frigid temperatures inside is hard on the body and leads to these people who set the building temperature not understand this?

Srsly why does it need to be so cold? Who can actually work in those conditions? And another they really have that much money to burn as obviously the electric bills must be quite high to keep it that cold?....*shakes head at stupidity*

Edited at 2008-06-17 03:12 am (UTC)
I don't get it either. In the winter I commend them as most places are tolerable to decent with heating but in the spring/summer there just seems to be no logic when it comes to air conditioning. I believe the TTC is the worst of the lot - if they have air conditioning, the buses and subways are absolutely frigid. Of course the vehicles that aren't air conditioned are just brutal (think packed King streetcar at rush hour *cringes*). What are these people trying to do?? I remember about two weeks ago, the poor girl sitting next to me on the Pape bus, wearing an outdoor weather appropriate t-shirt, but shivering so much that I almost asked her to take my jacket. Do you think I should call the TTC - see if they have any 'guidelines' that are allegedly in place???