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Just a thought that has been bothering me of late...when the **** is CBC going to air the second season of The Tudors? At this rate, the DVDs will be out long before CBC even gives us a glimpse of  naked Charles Brandon the French executioner...GAH

In a couple of hours from now Spain will officially win their division in Euro2008. Should be a rowdy crowd today - Greece vs Spain. EEK. Well as much as I love Greece, I hope Spain kicks a**. Vamos

After work I'm going to pick up the third book in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. Normally I abstain from reading novels in hardcover but I am not prepared to wait until April 2009 when it is finally released in paperback. Nor do I plan on signing up to be on a wait list of over 500 people to borrow the book from the library. Yeesh!! I'm about halfway through the second novel now and will likely finish up tomorrow or Friday. I will never forgive the fact that Jacob Black had to cut his hair...why??? why??? Why must you put me through such torment. Please don't change Jacob's character...he has been so wonderful so far. I'm finding I'm not missing Edward one bit...should I be worried??? In fact, I miss Alice far more than Edward. But I'm quite certain they'll both be reappearing soon enough....

YIKES - CHUM FM is now playing a Kid Rock song that I actually like....a lot....o_O....I may even need to download it... *is scared*...

Wimbledon draw on Friday. *cruises fingers* *thinks positive thoughts*
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I may even need to download it... *is scared*...

BTW Thanks for the songs...I've yet to listen to em yet though...*shakes fist for being too busy*

I will never forgive the fact that Jacob Black had to cut his hair...why??? why???

I can only assume he had long hair...damn them all to hell for making any man cut their long hair...I think I'm going to be very angry at Stephanie Meyers when I finally get around to reading the books if she's going to be doing that is all I can say!!! LEAVE THE LONG HAIR ALONE!

Oh gods Wimbledon is coming up so fast and soon the Roger's Cup...Vamos Rafa!
Think Gago hair...although I always picture Jacob more like Rafa (or actually, a young Olivier Martinez....only about 6'5")

I REALLY like the Kid Rock song. It's like a cross between Werewolves of London (ironic, considering the other content of this post, *snickers*) and Sweet Home Alabama....sort of a cheesy version of a 70s southern rock song only not as good as a real 70s rock song.
Yes, I think the Tudors second season will definitely come out on DVD before the CBC or whoever starts showing it. (I don't mind. I prefer to watch TV shows on DVD anyway.)
Ah. You noticed Charles Brandon too? The actor's name is Henry Cavill, right? He was in Tristan and Isolde where he was equally adorable. Did you see it? I thought it was quite good.

Spain. *sigh* What a team. Gorgeous men playing gorgeous football.

I most definitely saw him in Tristan and Isolde...I recall the jaw drop vividly. I definitely liked him better with the long hair but he is so darned handsome (the jawline is perfection!!!) he could go bald and be stunning. I actually remember him from The Count of Monte Cristo...he was such a dork in that. Cute, but a dork.
Omigosh. I own the Counte of Monte Cristo DVD and I didn't even realize Cavill was in it! LOL. I'll have to dig it out and watch it again!