Hmm, what's been going on??

I'm glad this week is over with. Between trying to get everything done at work prior to my week off, watching Wimbledon and Euro2008 and reading Eclipse, I haven't had a second to go on LJ. I still have homework from work to complete during my vacation!!! But at least I can breathe now....To catch up:

AGM - went by smoothly. No glitches. I was shocked when one of the chairs for the Councils I work with gave me a gift = an $80 gift certificate to Chapters/Indigo. I still can't believe he did it!! I certainly didn't deserve it so I'm feeling slightly guilty about it. Well it's not like I can't use it though. I guess I should be thankful. I do deserve some type of bonus for what I do at work - in fact, so do a couple of other staff members - but not necessarily for work I've done on this Council. I did send a very sincere thank you note as a follow up but I still feel guilty. quidquid

the seeds are dropping like flies. First Djerk - that was KARMA coming back with a vengeance, IMO I brazenly admit 'm glad to see him gone and am certain I heard a champagne bottle popping open in the Federer household right after that match ended. *snickers* Both Blake and Roddick are out. YAY. No more American seeds for the ESPN telebroadcasts to obsess over!! I admit I'm a little sad that Andy is out. He seems like a decent guy. He at least deserved to make it to the QFs. Rafa is playing well enough. 17 aces in his first match. I had to do a double check on that linescore. Yes this is RAFA not FELI. Yesterday's match against Gulbis was a bit of a nail-biter but he managed to survive and ultimately that is all that matters. For the record, I like the new haircut even though the general consensus is quite negative. I think what I'm enjoying most about Rafa right now is that he seems stress-free. All the pressure in the world is on him and has been for what seems like the past four months now. I'm worried about Youzhny and Gasquet but they are a little ways down the road still and I don't want to think that far ahead. Roger is playing well also - but it's Roger, what do you expect?? Can't say as I love the 'Mr. Rogers goes Saturday Night Fever' look that he is sporting though. I leave it up to Feli to take him out in the Semis. I believe F-Lo is up to the task. As for the women...Ivanovic should have lost that last match - she really didn't deserve the victory. I'm sad to see Maria go - I think I'm starting to appreciate her persona in the tennis world. Flavia lost :-( If it got right down to it, I suppose I am cheering for Jankovic to win now - unless of course Shahar has some kind of amazing run. Of course the sooner the Williams sisters are out, the better.

Quite simply: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ME ON SUNDAY FROM 2 PM ONWARDS. Vamos Espana (fyi - have been gushing over Fabregas this whole tournament)

Books -
Finished the Twilight saga and am now awaiting the new release on August 2nd. There are things I love about the series and things I hate but I guess that is to be expected. I can see how easily it is to get hooked on the characters but some of the 'logic' in the novels is just completely ridiculous...Anyhow, as result of the continual reference to Wuthering Heights in Eclipse, I am now re-reading the Bronte work. It was mandatory reading in high school. I don't recall finding it as particularly enthralling as most claim it is but we'll see if my tastes have changed over the years.

Vacation -
you know of course I am not going anywhere on this week off. No particular plans. Just watching tennis and futbol, sunbathing (if the haziness ever goes away!!), working out and reading. And maybe some shopping...if I can spare any money. Mostly I'm looking forward to going to Chinatown to pick up my favourite meal which I haven't had in months = chili chicken, Szechuan shrimp and Cantonese Chow Mein. Maybe I'll schedule in some home-work (UGGGHHH) and possibly a matinee of Wanted (this movie would be so much better if James could have kept his accent!!!)

OMGS so happy Joker is out! It's weird how the higher seeds are dropping like flies..paving the way for Rafa...up next FED EX *high fives Feliciano*! I can't think about Gasquet without laughing...omgs the pausing after 3 or 4 words when he speaks in English is priceless ROFLMAO! That reminds me how much Rafa has improved in his English...have you noticed how confident he is in interviews now? HE does seem very relaxed and comfortable and how adorable is he when he doesn't have his srs tennis game face on and he's able to be himself and joke around and be playful...so dang cute! I saw what Sharapova wore and it was hideous and I don't want to see the gold lame belt or what Roger plans on wearing...really I don't...pls don't make me...*cringes* and I agree as soon as there are no American players left at Wimbledon the better.

(fyi - have been gushing over Fabregas this whole tournament)

*snicker*...ok I'll gush over Sergio Ramos just to keep you company! Geez what I do for friends! Remind me again why we aren't watching it with mini team Spain? LOL Oh ya that's right...I want to keep my eardrums intact when we win! Oh do you think their neighbours will call the Bobbies due to the noise? Can you imagine them getting arrested for disturbing the peace...getting taken away in a paddy wagon....omgs ROFLMAO

I certainly didn't deserve it so I'm feeling slightly guilty about it.

Did you ever think maybe they appreciate that you actually do work for the council....maybe where he works people in his office don't do anything for him and this is his way of showing that he appreciates it all. Stop feeling guilty and buy me some books!

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Sounds like a great week off! An $80 gift certificate to Chapters! Fantastic! Now you can buy some of those recommended books! LOL.

Wimbledon - I couldn't watch Rafa's game but I'm so glad he won. I'm glad I didn't see it - I would have been far too nervous.

Euros - OMG how fantastic for Spain! And who couldn't love Fabregas at the moment!!!

Wuthering Heights was something I read in my late teens and I absolutely loved it. It inspired me to read all of the Bronte sisters' works, but I don't think I read anymore of them except Jane Eyre.

Mmmm...the Chinese food sounds scrumptious. Now I have a craving. LOL.