Wimbledon QFs...as they happen..

Ancic ousted in straight sets. Thanks so much for giving Roger a light workout. *yawns* Feli kicked ass...till the rain delay. I blame the rain and the humidity for his loss...and the extra-frizziness of his hair....it's all just so very tragic...*weeps* On the good side, at least Roger won't face a leftie in the Semis. Vamos Marat!!

And RAFA...I won't say anything yet because I don't want to jinx anything.
Oh my poor poor Feli...I wish he was able to keep up the confidence. I think he can go so far in tennis but he just doesn't seem to want to. Maybe he sees what Rafa goes through...the intensity etc..and doesn't want that. Wish I could be there to console him...sadly the new chick is doing that :(
I know I should be sad but all I keep thinking of right now is "Do you know the rules of tennis?" LOL And he just did it so calmly...no tantrum, just a matter of fact comment to the umpire.