Rafa into the Semis...

Absolutely brilliant is all I have to say. Maybe Murray was a little tired after his emotional and exhausting five-setter but still, Rafa keeps getting better and better in this tourney, dismissing Andy in less than two hours – 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. Suffice to say, the alleged back of knee injury appears non-existent. Lots of stats I could quote here but the most amazing, IMO, is that Rafa only lost 10 points on serve all match ...only 2 in the 2nd set and one was a df!! Needless to say, he did not face one break point. O_O  I suppose I could have asked  for a few more aces (only 4 this match), or a better breakpoint conversion percentage (4 of 10) but I won’t complain.

Favourite comments during the match *LOL*:

- After the last game of the 2nd set with Rafa up 2 sets to love, when Rafa double faulted… "Uh-oh .....lots of concern in the Nadal Camp - Rafa made a Double Fault"

- After a commercial break – “We are back here where Andy Murray is being bludgeoned by Rafael Nadal.”

- "In the last match Murray came back from 2 sets down… we’re not feeling it here"

I’m curious, do you think anyone is sticking around to watch the Schuettler and Clement match?? More importantly do you think Schuettler or Clement has even a remote chance against Rafa in the Semi? (*tries to forget about Tsonga*) The commentators (and advertisers) have already penciled in the Roger Rafa rematch for Sunday. We’ll see how that plays through. I just hope the weather holds up and the SFs and F are played on schedule. *prays to weather gods*

EDIT: As if it wasn't bad enough already for Schuettler and Clement, Wimbledon officials just suspended play with their match tied at one set all. Now the 'lucky' winner not only gets to play Rafa in the Semi but they also get to face him without any rest. Pity, eh??
Rafa is doing great in Wimbledon! Hopefully he'll keep playing well to claim the title. I'm hoping its his year this year! :D Murray couldn't do anything against our boy...hehe.
The Schuettler/Clement match seemed boring. I just left the tv open & was reading a book until I saw play was suspended. So, Rafa's next opponent will be tired, no?! ;)
I am hoping for Rafa as well this year (and every year for that matter!!). By the looks of it, his opponent in the Semis will be very tired. The match is currently in the fifth set now - they have been on court over two hours already and if they tie in this fifth set and have to play on till a winner is decided they will be completely exhausted. Both Clement and Schuettler are in their 30s. The winner will need an oxygen tank tomorrow. LOL
I swear to god it's Rafa's year! I think that Bjorn Borg said at the French Open that he thought Rafa would win Wimbledon, and I think he's strong enough to do that!

Neither of those two guys has a chance in the semis against Rafa, IMO!
I really do hope it is Rafa's year. Times Online has a poll going and 72.8% are choosing Rafa to win the final. It seems like everyone is picking him to win and it seems like most people actually WANT him to win for a change. But don't discount Federer - as great as Rafa played against Murray, Roger was as good (literally - point for point) against Ancic in his quarterfinal. I would love to see Marat win the Semi just to see something different in the Final but in either case I want Rafa to win the Final. He has worked so hard for this moment and he deserves it. Besides, it's Spain's year - first the French Open, then Euro2008, now (hopefully) Wimbledon and, after that, the Olympics. Vamos Espana!
Besides, it's Spain's year -

At the AD it's the Year of St Paul (aka the Misogynist) but I'm changing it to the Year of St Rafa or Year of the Spaniards...either will work no?
The comments are too funny! LUVS!

Here comes another victory for the Spaniards! If the parade in Madrid was that big for Team Spain what do you think the parade will be like in Palma or Manacor when he takes Wimby? Oh wait the entire population of the island probably would prolly fit into a five block radius in Madrid...never mind LOL!