2008 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final - Post #2

Unless you are living in a cave you must have seen, heard or read about the Wimbledon final by now and have formed your own opinion so I will try not to sound like a broken record and avoid repeating the highlights point-by-pint. Yesterday’s final offered that all-too-rare moment in history – the kind that you will one day look back upon, recollecting what you were doing when…It was a final through which I personally experienced every single human emotion ranging from love to hatred, bliss to agony, pain to pleasure,  – and when all was said and done, after all the rain delays, the injury scare, the threat of darkness, the missed match points, following Rafa’s ultimate Championship point, I did not jump for joy and scream like a madwomen…no, I cried. Not too many things in this life make me cry but that final did. I was so thoroughly and completely satisfied and exhausted there was really nothing left for me to do but cry. And that was just MY reaction. I can only begin to imagine what it must have been like for Roger and for Rafa and for their families and friends. It was a most fitting and rewarding ending to an absolutely amazing Wimbledon 2008. It will go down in the record books as one of, if not, the greatest Wimbledon finals of all time and the last of an era as the new centre court makes its debut next year.  If you were there, if you experienced this event in any way, then you should consider yourself fortunate ‘cause I doubt it could get much better for a tennis fan.

Personal favourite moment –there were many but if I really had to choose one it was watching Rafa’s reaction at seeing his name now emblazoned as a champion on the winner’s wall at Wimbledon. (I’m tearing again just thinking about it)

Congratulations Rafa!! So long awaited for, so richly earned and so justly deserved. May there be many more for you to follow!

I remember when I watched the penalties of Spain vs Italy I was really scared...but yesterday was much more. Its like a penalty-marathon that won't end.
I think it was the best match ever, never felt that way before I guess. It was nice to read what tennis heroes have said about Rafa. <3 touching...wish him all the best. For now, he should rest :)
Its like a penalty-marathon that won't end.

Exactly. It was also similar to those 66 minutes that followed the Torres goal in the final...you just keep waiting, watching, praying...EXQUISITE TORTURE. Looking back now, I wouldn't change a second of it. It was perfection.