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I have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly and I can't wait until the latest edition arrives in my mailbox (hopefully tonight but likely not till next week) as it features a preview of the Twilight movie coming out next December. I know that the characters are supposed to be teens but why oh why couldn't they cast Ben Barnes as Jacob??? *pouts* And frankly if I were an Edward fangirl...which I am not as he is a little too nauseatingly perfect while being oh so tediously boring broody for me...I'd sue the photographer. Edward (aka Robert Pattinson aka Cedric Diggory) looks like a ZOMBIE on that cover. Thankfully the photo accompanying the article is a little more flattering. August 2/08...please hurry library is waiting for you....

And finally, for today's laugh, I direct you to ONTD with some pics of Sergio Ramos (and co.) in his 'metallic swim trunks'. He looks fabulous but those swim shorts will now be forever embedded in my memory...unfortunately!!
LMAO. I saw these via "The Offside" today and killed myself laughing over them. They totally made my day. Just when I thought Sergio Ramos was just about the coolest guy in the world, he has shown me that he's really just a well-developed kid. Nevertheless, I still love him, but only as a son. LOL.

Oh, and those trunks are priceless. They will go down in history as the most flamboyant clothing ever. And here I thought Cristiano Ronaldo had that category all sewed up. LOLLLLL.
I once found a video of Sergio on Youtube where he was getting his hair done in a salon. *rolls eyes* He makes me laugh. Great player but total metrosexual. You think he'd have better taste in swimming trunks though. BTW, what is "The Offside"?
Sergio is a real character. I believe that one day in the future, after he is retired and settled down, he should write a bio of his life. And perhaps someone should make it into a movie!

The Offside is a great football blog that also has great pics of the more sensational variety. There are a couple more as well. Great fun and well worth checking out.

2) (Sniffing The Touchline)
3) (Who Ate All The Pies)

Thanks for the website info. I must check them out as I am having some serious football withdrawl these days.
Oh no he didn't...what was he thinking?
OMGS no words...

I'm sorry but when did Sergio get a harem? I counted at least three girls in those photos and you'd think at least one of them might have made him change those trunks!

*places call to F-Lo to ask him go with Sergio to buy decent swim wear*

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Re: Oh no he didn't...what was he thinking?
I hate to admit it but I think Rafa actually has better taste in swim trunks (and women, err, well, sort of...perhaps)...must be Feli's magical influence. I'm thinking Miss Columbia would have made a really nice couple with Sergio. She was cute...
Oh, btw, I forgot to comment on the fact you have a subscription to EW. So do I! Isn't that funny? I much prefer it to the gossipy mags. There is always so much information in it, and that's what I really want.
OMG, I thought I was the only one who subscribed to that magazine! I've always enjoyed it because it keeps me up to date with info on new and upcoming movies, tv shows, music releases, awards, books, etc. It is very relevant and doesn't deal with any of that silly gossip. I only wish they'd mention sports as it relates to entertainment as well - that would make it perfect. Now that Diablo Cody is writing a column it is even better...that woman is absolutely hysterical.
Yes! I agree with you! EW is a very comprehensive magazine. I find I don't read any TV guides anymore either, because EW tells me what shows are on which stations. I love reading their book and DVD reviews as well.

Adding sports is a great idea! Someone should tell them to do it!