On 'Vacation'...if you can call it that...

I'm so jealous of everyone who is going on vacation right now. It seems like all my co-workers are off somewhere over the next couple of weeks. Granted they are only going in and around Ontario, Quebec and the East Coast of America, I still really wish it was me who was taking a trip...anywhere, for that matter. I know my debt management will be over soon but I just can't wait till I am finally able to take vacation and actually travel instead of just staying at home, doing nothing. Well  I shouldn't complain as at least I am going to be on vacation...starting tomorrow at 4:30 PM...until August 5...and that is far, far better than working!! Plus I will be going to the Rogers Cup so it isn't really THAT bad. I'm certain seeing Rafa, Roger, Feli and the rest of the boys live will be more than satisfying...

Vacation reading plan is as follows:
1. The Great Gatsby
2. The Three Musketeers
3. The Man in the Iron Mask
4. Knights of the Black and White (reread of part one of Jack Whyte's Templar Trilogy)
5. Breaking Dawn (if I wasn't going to a friend's house on August 2nd, I'd probably read the entire novel in one sitting!!)
6. Standard of Honor (part two of Jack Whyte's Templar Trilogy)

I haven't read any of the His Dark Materials Trilogy but was fortunate to pick up the complete set in the used bookstore last week so I'll likely read those novels later in August. September is pretty much Jane Austen month for me. I need 'the calm' during peak transfer season.

As for movies, I am going to Hellboy II: The Golden Army tomorrow night, The Dark Knight on Friday afternoon, and will likely be seeing Mamma Mia this weekend (and many many more times) over the next couple of weeks. I love that musical - I've seen the stage version four (or maybe even five, I can't remember!!) times and the casting for the movie is sheer brilliance!! OMG...Colin Firth!! Christine Baranski!! *squees* Not sure when/if I'll get to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. Other summer movies of interest:
  1. July 25: X-Files, Brideshead Revisited (both are TBAs)
  2. August 1: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  3. August 6: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants II

Final thought...technically, if all things were as per original schedule, today would have been my first day in the new office. :-(
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Your summer plans seem pretty good! Even if you don't go anywhere. *sigh* Last year I was in Portugal & Spain. This year I am going nowhere. But next year I hope to get back to Spain! My plans are to sign up for more Spanish language lessons and become fluent over the winter!
I hope you get to go to Spain again as well. I've only been to Italy but would love to see the rest of Europe. I guess for now we both have to enjoy what we can this summer of the nice weather here in Toronto and plan for next year.
I'd love to go to Italy as well, but I feel compelled to go back to Spain, and to visit some of the areas I didn't get to see. But I'd also like to visit some places in Central & South America as well, and back in Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. *sigh* So many places, so little time.
I am planning to go to Germany for the Oberammergau Passion Play in 2010. Yes there are so many places and so little time!!