Start spreading the news...I'm NOT leaving today, unfortunately...

As a follow up to my last post (the travel rant), I am now crying profusely after having just discovered that Public Theatre NY (aka the people who put on free plays in Central Park) is presenting HAIR this summer!!  So, basically, on my birthday, in New York is (a) Rafael Nadal and (b) a free production of Hair.  In short, someone up there simply wants to inflict cruel and unusual punishment upon me for no apparent reason. (I suppose it could have been worse... *cough* Jesus Christ Superstar *cough*)

Please someone just give me $$ and a passport. Is it too much to ask for???

*slinks off to some remote corner to wallow in sorrow*
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Jealous of where I live?! No, no...its too hot, really! :P

I've been to Spain last summer, but since then I'm waiting for the time I can go again. Loved the country <3 *crosses-fingers* for both of us that we go 'muy pronto' ;)