Idol & Universe

I am literally sitting here counting down the minutes until I leave my office. I cannot wait!!

Who watched Canadian Idol last night? The whole thing??WOW!! If you were able to sit through that horror you are better than I. Fortunately, the season premiere of Stargate Atlantis caused me to miss the first half of Idol. NO MAJOR LOSS. Upon watching the show end recap I was able to conclude that every performance, with the exception of Theo's, was atrocious. I think they were all rather afraid to attempt a classical Bowie song for fear of comparison. I was so disappointed. I expected much more from this group. And Sebastian shaved :-(

Oh, I forgot to mention I watched the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday and much to my dismay Miss Venezuela won. Miss Columbia was much sweeter and far more personable IMO. The highlight though was Miss USA falling. I know that's mean but I had to laugh...how could you not?? I do feel sorry for the poor girl though. By the way, look for Miss Spain to be dating someone in the not-too-distant-future...she had 'that' look. It is interesting to note that four of the top five were from Spanish-speaking nations. (Note: I can't believe I just devoted an entire paragraph of my post to the Miss Universe pageant...now you know I am really bored!!)
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I was just telling Roger this morning about how the Idol contestants BUTCHERED the illustrious David Bowie...*shudders in rememberance*

Mondays are going to be difficult because both Stargate and Bones are on the same time in HD which sucks as I have to pick which one to watch in crappy normal mode on one of the time zone channels.

Miss Columbia was 10x better than Miss Venezuela - still not sure how she won...

Candidates for Miss Spain will probably include David Ferrer (he moving up in the ATP standing and so must move up in women), Sergio Ramos (he's adding to his harem),and Gago (who is looking to transition from girls to women), and maybe Feliciano Lopez only because he needs to find someone who understands how high maintenance his hair is LOL). If I come up with others I'll let you know...
I think Bones repeats on HD at 11 which isn't that bad and I know Stargate repeats at different times during the week, you just have to find out when. Also, Stargate will be on TMN On Demand in HD as well (only they are a couple of weeks behind)

As for Miss Spain, I think she's too tall for David and will likely balk at being just backup GF#4 for Sergio, and frankly, she doesn't stand a chance with either Gago or F-Lo...do you seriously think they could date a woman who has nicer hair than them???!!!