Free for all Friday...

Good news...sort of...Rafa is enroute to Toronto as I type this. Surprisingly I'm only mildly excited by this fact. quidquid Well I'm off to attempt to see The Dark Knight now if it isn't sold out. Wish me luck. For the remainder of the day I'll be reading Gatsby in the park, going shopping at the Eaton Centre (although I can't remember what exactly I needed to go there for),  strolling by a certain downtown hotel, working out and watching Friday Night LIghts. I truly wished I had watched that series from its beginning - it kind of reminds me of a modern version of The White Shadow
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I'm actually excited to see him play and Feliciano too. Hey when does Feliciano gets here? I am still vascilating between whether or not that was F-Lo I saw last week - too close to call either way.

Have fun downtown...oh find out what spa servies they have at a certain downtown hotel LOL. No srsly please find out.

The White Shadow was better IMHO.

btw...I really like that icon. Who is it of?

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