The Dark Knight

What to say about The Dark Knight. It was very intricate – a lot of things going on in the movie, it didn’t stick with just one plot from start to finish, it kept meandering. The movie was dark but not as dark as say Tim Burton’s version. Christian Bale does a fabulous Bruce Wayne but he kind of irritates me as Batman. I love love love Gary Oldman period as Commissioner Gordon. (spoilers ahead) When he died I was going to cry. Thankfully, it all turned out okay. Notice how even though his family played a somewhat significant role in the storyline they never once showed his daughter (aka Batgirl) on screen. Aaron Eckhart was brilliant as Harvey Dent – excellent casting choice. His post accident makeup/prosthetics/cg was completely fascinating – I can’t wait to see it in HD. I really wish Harvey could have stayed around for a sequel. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine could do no wrong in their supporting roles. I could give or take Maggie G… she was kind of blah (not that Katie Holmes was any better in the first one). As for Heath, he was the movie. IMO, no one will walk away from that film remembering Batman or Two Face or anyone else quite the way they do The Joker. He leaves such an impression. There are maybe two characters I could think of that you may be able to compare him with – Jack Sparrow or Hannibal Lecter. They weren’t meant to be the protagonists of their respective movies but they were the ones you wanted to see more of, hear more from and wound up being truly mesmerized by. Of the three Heath Ledger's Joker succeeds with the best pure transformation….you really do not know or recognize Heath under that makeup, nor would you be able to recognize him from voice or mannerisms. He just becomes the Joker. Although the movie itself may not be worthy of all the hype surrounding it, Heath’s performance does live up to expectations and makes this film well worth watching. My only regret is that I saw it in the middle of the afternoon on a small screen. I think it would be more enjoyable on a large screen and late at night…although I’m certain it will be stunning to watch in HD. Can’t wait for the DVD.

Next up…Hellboy II?? Mamma Mia??…who knows???

And btw, a quick re-con of the downtown area…no ATP players as yet. Will report back tomorrow.    

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