Week One Vacation...

Random things I’ve learned on my first week of vacation: 
  • That it is surprisingly easy to avoid computers and the internet when you aren’t at work
  • Mother Nature and the weather forecasters simply want to ruin my life
  • I miss going to live theatre
  • I miss Gago’s hair
  • The running commentary on www.justin.tv/slazenger is far more entertaining than any cable or network tennis broadcasts
  • Colin Firth and Gary Oldman need to be acknowledged as two of my favourite actors
  • Jim Sturgess should live across the hall from niviene and I and should hang out with us on a frequent basis
  • Stardust the movie is actually better than Stardust the novel
  • The Great Gatsby is arguably my favourite classical novel…I believe in the Green Light
  • When my debt management is over I will be shopping at Sephora, MAC, Lululemon and Bebe Sport on a regular basis
  • Victoria’s Secret fitflop shoes actually do work out and firm up your legs and butt
  • It is somehow rather calming to watch the Deutsche news even though I don’t speak a word of German
  • I just couldn’t get enough of the Comi-Con highlights…does that make me a geek??
  • I hate having no $$$
  • I have lived in this building for over five years now and only now been enlightened with the fact that there is a laundry room (on P2)
  • Rafael Nadal will be the number one tennis player in the world by my birthday

Movies watched:

  • Step Up 1 & 2 (1 is way better than 2)
  • Mamma Mia (must go see again..and again…)
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (I was cheering for the ‘bad guy’)
  • 21 (so how many people are going to watch this movie and think they can now go to Vegas and break the bank with this strategy?? Yep, there’s a sucker born every minute*rolls eyes*)

 Books read:

  • Wuthering Heights (Heathcliff = Tristan on a bad day)
  • The Great Gatsby (I blame Daisy for his downfall…she wasn’t good enough for him)

# of Rogers Cup matches attended: DON”T ASK. Let’s just be thankful and applaud Rafa for the victory and move right along to Cinci…

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  • Current Mood: tired tired
  • Current Music: noises from the apt. upstairs
The weather in Toronto was absolutely hideous all week. It was threatening thunderstorms every day except on Tuesday and then on the day of the Finals. All the day matches were pushed back until the evening and the area where the tournament is held is not exactly very safe after dark so I didn't want to go all the way up there it is about one hour by public transit to get there since I don't have a car) knowing there would be rain delays and possible postponements of matches. For example, Rafa's doubles match did not finish until 12:30 in the morning. The QF against Gasquet didn't start until around 10 PM and again finished close to Midnight. In fact, now that I think about it, our public transit doesn't even run past 1 AM so I'm not even sure if I could have made it home. So it sucked a little that I couldn't go but at least the whole tourney was covered on tv here and I was able to watch it all. I'm glad that Rafa won...and that I finally was able to see him play Gasquet (too bad that wasn't the final!!)Oh, and my roommate scored us some free merchandise from the tourney (towel, waterbottle, knapsack, baseball cap, etc) that was signed by Gilles Simon so I'm not that upset in the end.