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Oh Feli now what???

I just checked Cincinnati livescores to discover that Feliciano has already lost both his singles and doubles matches. *headdesk* How can that even be possible??? It is only the first day of the tourney and not even 3 PM...*sigh* I need to de-stress. I'm going to work out now.
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WTF is wrong with F-Lo these days? I mean why is he wasting his potential? I know he could be one of the top seeds if only he'd apply himself. I still envision a top 5 line of made up of mostly Spanish tennis players...well a girl can still dream right?.
Nah..he just wants to go home and take a long vacation while everyone else is at the Olympics. I'm certain he'll do well in New York...he always does. Last year he played Fed in the 4th round (or was it the QFs?) and he won the first set. If he was playing the Roger Federer of late, I'm pretty sure he could at least win two sets if not the entire match..