Rafa to be #1

I actually cried for a minute or so when Karlovic won. I feel terrible for Roger, especially since this is happening right around his birthday but on the other hand I've waited years for this moment (and I'm certain Rafa has too!!! LOL - you'd think I was the one that made it to number one!!). It could happen as early as this Sunday....but I suppose I can wait a couple of more weeks if necessary. It is richly earned and well deserved and I hope Rafa does get a chance to take it all in and not be too overwhelmed by it.
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So, they were happy tears, no?! ;) Not coz u felt sad for fedex :p I cant wait till Rafa becomse number 1 officially!! :D Vamos!!
Definitely happy tears! I've wanted to see Rafa go to number one for so long now. And he has reached the Semi Finals in Cinci today:)I just hope he doesn't wear himself out before the Olympics and the US Open. I think he needs to relax a bit.
I'm estatic for Rafa...and yes just a little sad for Fed Ex because people are now writing him off completely which isn't right. VAMOS RAFA!

Well that's what you wanted for your birthday...Rafa to be number one...so you're getting what you want YAY!

Federer seems like a nice guy and in one way I feel kind of bad for him. He seems to be in a slump for sure. But then again, who wants always the same guy at the top, a la Tiger Woods? Not me! Too bloody boring. Also, it is very exciting to see so many Spaniards doing so well this year! We Spanish fans should enjoy it because it may not happen again for a long time! LOL.

But seriously, I am so excited for Rafa! He truly does deserve the No. 1 position!
The Spaniards are definitely making a name for themselves this year (tennis, futbol, Tour de France!! You name it, they win it) . I am quite excited about Rafa obtaining #1 but I do NOT want Djokovic to take the #2 position from Federer. With this slump Roger is in, I have to say I am a little worried. Poor Roger - he has to defend 1000 points at the US Open this year...in other words, he has to win the tournament or at last do reasonably well or else he is going to loose a whole lot of points and I'm afraid Djoker may have an opportunity to pass him in the rankings.
Uh-oh. That is a lot of pressure on Roger for sure. And yet I think he should be able to handle it, given his past experience as a leader. I just want to see Rafa get the #1 spot!