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I know I should update this journal with an account of what's been going on but for the life of me I can't remember now that I'm back at work and receiving 60 odd transfers a day! I recall visiting niviene's brother in Hamilton. I can't say as I recall much of the visit except the fact that the Go Train we were on was taken off service and we were abandoned in middle-of-nowhere-land Bronte with no Anne, Charlotte, Emily or Heathcliff around to at least make the time interesting. And it rained which turned our outdoor BBQ to an indoor somewhat subdued event. I probably would have had a better time staying home and reading Breaking Dawn, which, I might add, I have finished.

I have mixed feelings about the novel. (Semi-spoilers ahead) The first third was terrible - boring, boring, boring. I knew the whole wedding/honeymoon was going to be in the novel and I know it likely pleased a million fangirls but really...YAWN. The novel didn't pick up until Jacob took over as narrator. Once it went back to Bella as narrator it sort of got a little dull again for a while until we finally moved towards the final confrontation with the Volturri. The end was worth it...and although I realize it was necessary, I hated the fact that Alice was out of the novel for so long. And am I the only or is anyone else a little weirded out by the whole imprinting-on-a-newborn idea? It's just a tad unsettling. I can't believe that Stephenie Meyer isn't going to pursue more of this story between the various vampire 'families'. She really left it open to pursue that route. Anyhow, I'm now reading Standard of Honor - the second crusade is quickly falling apart and I'm looking forward to the journey towards the third crusade. It's a long, long novel...over 800 pages but if it engrosses me as much as the first one in the trilogy I'm certain I'll get through it within a week.

Last night I watched the BBC Robin Hood for the first time. OMG - luvs. Maybe I just happened to stumble upon a good episode 'cause Eleanor of Aquitane was in it but you know I'll be watching it again. I also am loving Greek. I'm not sure how far along the series is in the States but they have just aired the first two episodes here. CBC has been rebroadcasting season one of The Tudors so I'm hoping that means season two will start up once the first season has finished its rebroadcast. I heard that Joss Stone has been hired to play Anne of Cleves in the third season. I hear she comes highly recommended. (LOL - those of you who have seen History Boys will get that joke!)

Finally, to make this post longer than it needs to be I would be remiss to go without saying Happy Birthday to Roger Federer. I haven't seen the Opening Ceremonies for the Summer Olympics yet so I don't know if he was flagbearer. That sure would have been quite a birthday gift. I hope the Olympics go by without a hitch. I'd like to believe China has everything under control and when all is said and done Rafa will be number one whether he has a Gold Medal or not (a gold medal would be nice would like nice against his tan!!). Wow, I still can't believe that when the U.S. Open starts Rafa will be the number one seeded player. I hate to say this but it almost seems unfair. Since it is quite easy to argue that Rafa should have been the number one seed at the French Open whether or not Roger was the number one player at the time, it follows logically that the reverse scenario should also occur in New York.  In other words, explain please how it is conceivable that a player who never made it past the QFs at the US Open should be the number one seed at that tournament? Then again, to be fair, Rafa worked his famous ass off to get that ranking and I wouldn't want to deprive him of anything he so richly earned. Let's hope the Olympics and the US Open offer some exciting tennis sans rain delays or injuries.

On tap for this weekend, rain, rain and more rain in the forecast which means lots of time to watch the Olympics, read the templar novel and see The Mummy and/or Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants II.
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