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Either I am desperate due to lack of original television broadcasting, or bored to tears being stuck inside because of the bizarre weather, or I'm simply intrigued by the downright flawless bodies on some of the athletes by the events themselves, but I have to admit I have been watching the Olympics. o_O I pretty much planned on watching the Opening Ceremonies and that was going to be it  since I really only care about tennis and football and I sincerely doubt either CBC or NBC give one iota how Rafa or Team Argentina fair in those events. The Opening Ceremonies, as I'm sure you are aware, were stupendous. A little lengthy but certainly worth every minute. After Team Canada's arrival, CBC decided to edit the parade of athletes and skipped a few significant nations *cough* SPAIN*cough* but fortunately NBC aired the entire event and I was able to see Rafa being his dorky usual self. He is such a big kid!! IMO, NBC gave him more camera time than any athlete..even the Americans!! Roger did get to carry the Swiss flag while Gonzo was Chile's flagbearer. Didn't get to see Gago in the P.O.A. but I did get to watch the Argentina/Australia game last night on TSN...GAGO in HD...it was truly a thing of beauty. And, surprisingly, Messi WASN'T a ball hog during the game. This morning I was able to watch a couple of the tennis matches via internet live feed. Good to see both Rog and Raf moving on. A couple of big upsets though - Ferrer and Murray are both out. And not to be forgotten...Feli is the #3 seed in Washington this week. That's right...#3. Now if only that was his REAL ranking.

I'm progressing slowly through Standard of Honor even though it is rather brilliant so far. One can never get enough of Scottish Templars. I am eagerly awaiting Lachlan's return. Richard the Lionhearted just showed up and we are now starting the preparations for the Third Crusade.  In other words....*swoons*

No movies this weekend. Lots of intermittent rain which made it difficult once again to plan anything. I spent a lot of time trying to plan future vacations for those days when I am finally debt free (it's not that fair away...thankfully) and I think I've finally figured out which tour wins out for the Passion Play in 2010 (Trafalgar Tours - Sound of Music) It's not too lengthy, not too expensive and it gets me to Vienna, Salzburg and Neuschwanstein in addition to the Passion Play. That is pretty much all I want. Now I just have to wait until the 2010 dates are released and available to book (presumably sometime AFTER my DMP is done!!!) I'm so excited.

I don't want to jinx anything but I'm experiencing a lull at work. That's right. I'M NOT BUSY!!! Woohoo!!! Let's see how long it lasts!
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Agghhh...the weather has been terrible. We were lucky for our South American soccer match on Friday night, though...incredibly lucky. The clouds broke and the sun came out, just for us!

I also cannot help watching the Olympics. Once I got a good look at some of the eye candy I couldn't help myself. Initially I was dismayed by the lack of any promoting of the Argentine football matches, especially since they are defending gold medalists! So I started watching everything, just to chance catching them. Finally, I got to see the Argentina-Australia match and I totally agree with you. Fernando Gago is mesmerizing. How someone who looks so exquisite, fragile and dainty can defend and tackle so well never ceases to amaze me. And the way he acts up to the refs is hilarious. Every time I see him I fall in love all over again. It wasn't the best match, but I feel the Argies are saving themselves.

Sadly, I have not seen any of the tennis so far! :(
"It wasn't the best match, but I feel the Argies are saving themselves." I totally agree - they should be in top form by the time the final comes along. And I agree on all counts with your assessment of Gago - he is completely relentless out there. He is full of energy, confidence and determination which just makes me love him all the more.

It was such a blessing to see their game at all. I really expected our coverage here to only focus on the Canadians. Fortunately TSN has aired some tennis as well so I did get to see Rafa's first round match. He didn't play his best but still managed to win. Much like the Argies, he clearly had not yet adjusted to the time, climate, court, fan reaction, etc. In fact I have never seen him so miserable and cranky during a match - everything seemed to bother him. I guess he must be over his little 'tantrum' though since he apparently performed a lot better today in his second round match against Lleyton Hewitt (or so I've read as I've yet to see any of that match). He does stand a good chance to win a medal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both Argentina and Rafa!!
I don't know what it is about the Argentines, but I just melt when they're around. I watched the Boca Jrs. game on Sunday (first game of their new season) and I was dazzled for hours afterwards.

I'm extremely passionate about Gago (or 'Gaga' as the inane announcer called him). He's such an intriguing combination of delicate, angelic beauty and steely, focused determination.

Yess!!! I got to see highlights of the three main tennis matches on CBC just after 6 PM and Rafa looked the strongest of the lot when he absolutely killed Hewitt. Federer didn't look that strong in his match, although he won handily. And Djokovich (am I spelling his name correctly?) didn't fare badly, but nowhere near as convincingly as Rafa. So looking good!

The announcer calls him 'Gaga'!! I'm not sure if I should just laugh or question the sexual orientation of that announcer.

You are so lucky you saw the tennis highlights today on CBC - I missed those. I'm watching the Spain/China basketball game on TSN right now. I have reason to believe Rafa is in attendance but they have yet to show him.

As for the spelling - it is 'Djokovic' but I've seen quite a lot of interesting variations from the non-Djokovic fans:
- Djerkovic
- Chok-o-vic
- Djerk
- Joke-ovic
- Jock-of-itch
- Jerk-the-*itch
You name it, I've seen it.
Hahaha. Thanks for the correction on Djokovic. I was close! No 'h'! I can't believe all those crazy spellings, although I realize some are on purpose!

That Spain/China basketball game looked exciting! I only saw some highlights of that, but I am uploading pics of it at the moment, to post later. I am now a Spanish basketball team fan!!!