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Rafa does cranky...

With the 12 hour time difference between China and the East Coast of  North America the majority of the Olympics are being broadcast time delayed in Toronto. The live events all take place pretty much while we east coasters are sleeping. Add to that the fact that the Canadian coverage naturally focuses on Canadian athletes and you can see the problems I'm facing trying to follow the tennis portion. The odds of me seeing a Rafa match live or even in rebroadcast are slim to none. Last night, by complete fluke, I did surprisingly manage to catch his first round match on TSN. MIRACLE!! It was well worth it  - for sheer entertainment value alone. The tennis was mediocre but Rafa's on court 'antics' were unlike anything I've ever seen from him before. I know he is happy to be in China, at the Olympics, representing Spain, staying in the Olympic village, mingling with his fellow athletes - heck he looked like a kid in a candy shop at the opening ceremonies -  but my goodness did he appear disgruntled during his opening round match. I have never seen him so miserable and cranky . Everything was p***ing him off - the weather, the tennis balls, the court, the fan reactions, his own name it. I kept waiting for him to pull a Lopez and ask the umpire if "he knew the rules of tennis". LOL.

Well alternate-world Rafa managed the win in the end but with what I deem a lot of 'unnecessary effort' on his part. That never should have gone three sets!!  Fortunately his little, uncharacteristic 'tantrum' is over - he crushed  Hewitt in the second round today (or yesterday...or whenever it REALLY happened...????) without any problems.  Next up is Andreev at, if my time zone calculations are correct, circa 4:00 AM in the morning, Toronto time.

BTW, TSN is airing the China/Spain basketball game now - guess who is probably attending?? Must go Rafa-spotting.

Just checking, has Canada even won a medal yet? I think not. Togo has a medal. Cuba has two. Canada??? NONE. *narrows eyes* Don't give me that Vancouver 2010 crap. I want a medal for Canada...pronto!!
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I didn't see Rafa' 1st round match. I read that the crowd don't know the 'tennis etiquette' & their national player Jie Zheng commented on that.
I saw part of Rafa's match against Hewitt on a livestream. They dont show tennis here :S
Today for example they were showing Fedex vs Berdych, then they switched to something else. As if tennis isnt important!
I survive on livestream - but I also get about 4 different television feeds of the Olympics with our national sports network focusing on the mainstream sports - basketball, tennis, football, boxing, etc. and they do show the full games/matches so I've been pretty lucky so far. I would have liked to see Berdych/Fedex though! And Rafa is through to the QFs now! :)