TIFF - The Return of the Box Office Nightmares

Dang, I've been so out of the TIFF loop I can't remember all the little ticket purchasing nuances I have picked up over previous years. Now it's not like I worship Ben Barnes or anything - he is certainly not in the Rafa-stratosphere by any means - but I really would like to check out his film at the festival. If he happens to be in attendance and brings Colin Firth with him then, hey, bonus for me. If not, I still want to see the film since, if it is anything like Haven or Neverwas (which showed at TIFF and was not released for several years afterward) I may never get an opportunity to see the movie elsewhere. Individual Gala and VISA Screening Room tickets go on sale tomorrow. Since I am without credit card I would need to go to the box office to wait in line for several hours in an effort to acquire the precious ducats. But I recall in the past attempting such feats only to be disappointed, discovering that tickets sell out before I (who have been waiting patiently in line since 6ish AM) am able to get my hands on said tickets. I would like to personally thank Livejournal for giving me the opportunity to chronicle and review my previous TIFF ticket purchase fiascos of 2005 and 2004  respectively. *shakes head* I certainly don't want to make those mistakes again. Here I was considering waking up at 5:30 AM to go line up for tickets (considering the Argie Gold Medal football match is tonight at midnight, that would give me at most 3 hours sleep!!) . HA...what was I thinking?? I have but one word to toss out to that Draconian TIFF box office  = Craigslist.

Olympics: Spain wins their semi and move on to the Gold Medal game (which they don't have a chance in Hades in winning) in men's basketball. Argentina goes for Gold tonight at Midnight. I am stocking up on caffeine now.
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