Gago wins gold...

Argh..I'm paying for that 3:30 AM bed time. I've never been so tired. Still watching Gago the Argies capture gold was worth it. My only complaint is that the team annoyed me a little with the manner of their victory - I know they stalled for time after they scored that first (and only) goal but their delay tactics were just a tad much IMO. I would have preferred a sound thrashing of the Nigerians. Then again, I think perhaps the weather may have factored into their performance as well. It was allegedly 42 degrees on field (and a crappy, hacked up field at that) with the midday sun blaring overhead. The referee even allowed two stoppages of play to allow the teams to take drinks to refuel (cue the squee-worthy Gago water pour). By the end of the game everyone looked like they were on their last legs barely standing for the final whistle. To their credit, the Nigerians did a decent job countering the Argentinians and if it were not for the stellar play of the Argentinian goalkeeper Romero, the game could have very easily turned in favour of the Nigerians.

First Rafa gold, now Gago gold...I'm so proud of my boys. Unfortunately I don't think I'll make it through the Spanish basketball game tonight. After these past two weeks, my sleep cycle has been too tampered with and I need to get it back on track. I can't imagine the Americans not rebroadcasting the game tomorrow at a decent hour and I suspect they might even replay the presentation of the medals. You know how the Americans love their basketball and their so-called Dream (or is it Redeem??) Team. 
Well, as a supporter of the Brazilian NT, I'm still a bit sad from our loss against the argies :S though I have to say they played better in the semis, but I wanted my team to get a gold medal :( Congrats to Argentina!
I woke up today & saw part of the basketball match :'-( Spain lost...unfortunately. Well, silver medal is better than nothing.
Sorry about Brazil. I was supporting Argentina mostly 'cause Gago was on the team. Too bad about the Spanish basketball team. I really didn't think they would win but they played a very competitive game - it was really close at one point.