US Open Day 2 & TIFF update

Great job on the opening ceremonies for the US Open last night. I really enjoyed seeing the past champions honoured in that manner. Gabriela Sabatini still has great hair! And Rafa is the sports story of the day. Every single sports broadcast led with the Nadal US Open first round victory. It was shocking to see tennis as the lead in for sports news. I don't think that has ever happened in Toronto except when (a) the Rogers Cup is on (even then they still don't usually cover tennis first) and (b) after Wimbledon final. As for today - wow Berdych and Youzhny are both out. Well that makes Rafa's side a little easier. Unfortunately the dreaded Karlovic is still looming large. Ivanovic barely survived her first round match. Gasquet and Safin are both in five setters as I type this. Rogelio plays later this evening during Prime Time.  And, last of all, I can't believe Feli is already out of the US Open in the first round. *headdesk* He is going to lose so many points!! :-(

Good news of the day, if Ben Barnes and Colin Firth are in Toronto on Monday, September 8th they will be hanging out with me 'cause I did wind up getting tickets to TIFF. YAY!!
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I didn't see the ceremony as it started at 3am here, I sleep around that time. :'( Gasquet & Feli are out! Happy for Safin coz he won
Feli is out...wtf? Why can't he be more consistent *whines loudly* I was so hoping he would continue his my quest for top 5...oh well *sigh*
He was defending a lot of points at the US Open - he is probably going to drop a lot in the rankings :(