The things you learn at the dentist's office...

Today's visit to the tooth spa involved the below-noted conversation with my dentist:
(note: this dialogue was prompted by a brief discussion on the state of men's tennis today)

Dr. Smith: Roger Federer...he's Swiss, right?
Me: Yes
Dr. Smith: I didn't know that until the Olympics
Me: What nationality did you think he was?
Dr. Smith: Russian
Me: *jawdrop* He doesn't look Russian - how could you possibly get Russian out of 'Federer'?
Dr. Smith: Wasn't there some hockey player named Federer?
Me: *facepalm* You mean FEDEROV...'ov'..as in 'I'm Russian and my last name ends in 'ov'

Edit: Somehow that seemed so much funnier when I was in the dentist's office.

Bring on the long weekend...I'm going to the Canadian National Exhibition tomorrow. That means lots of crowds, lots of noise, lots of walking  and, hopefully, lots of fun.

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Lol...fedex does not look Russian. I think he may look Iranian a bit. The dentist mixed up with the names so he thought he's Russian. :P hehe
Dr. Smith is so funny....I tried not to be too rude and laugh but srsly he cracks me up...Russian indeed ROFLMAO.