Has it been a week already??

I want to thank everyone who personally wished me a happy birthday. It was a great day even though it seems like months ago now. I will refrain from commenting on Real Madrid's effort to sabotage my birthday with that lacklustre performance however. Gosh I really wish I could change my birthdate to February when I can truly enjoy it. I'm far too busy at work now - stupid transfers, stupid appeal hearings, stupid meetings. It was just chaos all week. I remember specifically on Friday getting in at 8:33 A.M. and not even having an opportunity to sit down before my phone rang. Once I finally did get the chance to sit down I literally did not move until 1:03 PM - monitoring my inbox and processing transfers all morning long. Now here I am on my day off, checking email from home, I already see that there are over 60 transfers waiting for me when I get back tomorrow. *headdesk* I hate this time of year. I can’t even do my other work - my financials, my month end for August, my VISA recs, let alone the meeting notes from this weekend. I really am considering looking for another job. I just want to try and hold out for one more year until debt management is over and I can take the full 10 weeks of vacation that are owed to me effective May 1/09.

Oh Rafa. What a year it has been so far. Now he makes it to the Semis at the US Open only to lose a heartbreaker to Andy Murray. In any other year I'm certain the Semis of a hard court slam would have been left me ecstatic but now I'm just a little sad it is over. I won't even attempt to fathom the logic of the US Open scheduling. He could have won - I know he could have. He just seemed so exhausted at the end there. Maybe if there were no Olympics this season he would have won but still, he reached the Semis and that is his best showing at the event ever so I'm proud (and I hope he is as well!)To top it off he even gains some points for his success at this tourney. Andy truly outplayed him this weekend and deserved the victory. I hope Andy can keep it up and give Roger a decent competition this evening. And I also hope Rafa enjoys his free time at home to celebrate all his success this year and show off his Olympic medal to his friends and family (or, knowing Rafa, just sleep, eat, go to the beach and fish). Next up Davis Cup.

Finished Standard of Honor OMG the best – I cried at the end. *Scottish Templar fangirl squee* I love love love Jack Whyte. I know he has completed an Arthurian series and I am looking forward to reading those novels to tide me over till his third and final book in the Templar Trilogy is released next year.

Film Fest tonight - perhaps Ben and Colin will be at the movie but either way I'm just looking forward to going to a movie. I haven't been out to the theatres in so long and Easy Virtue does sound like something I'll enjoy (aka Brit period piece comedy). I am likely going to miss part of  the US Open men's final, Gossip Girl and the Canadian Idol performance finale for this though. I can't even imagine what life would be like without a DVR and timeshift capabilities.

Off to relax and enjoy the rest of the day now.

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Oh, it happens sometimes where u dont have time for urself & the work is up to ur head...good luck *hugs*

@ Rafa: yeah, he reached the semis for the 1st time, we should be happy, but I can't help be a lil sad. I hope he rests a lil before the Davis Cup. It must be very tiring. :S
Oh my god!!! I can't believe I forgot to send birthday greetings your way when it was also my birthday at around the same time! It was a very, very hectic time, though. I wondered how your excursions to the TIFF had gone, or whether you had made it to any of the films, or had seen any celebrities.

The tennis match is still too painful a memory for me to discuss coherently yet. It's too soon.

But I wish you a very happy belated b'day and hope that you get the vacation time in the new year that you need!