Stupid cold...


I wish it could be a little more enjoyable for me this year but alas the cold has settled in. In truth it hasn't been that bad. I have been taking Cold FX and miraculously it has been preventing or at least minimize most of my dreaded cold symptoms (sore throat, stuffy nose) from manifesting. What it has not been able to do though is stop this dreadful sinus pressure headache that I have had now for about two days. It doesn't help that it is so dry in the apartment - we really need a humidifier! That is the next item up for purchase. If I am feeling a little better this weekend maybe a trip to Sears or Canadian Tire is in order. The best part of the cold - I've been able to stay home from work!! YAY! And now I'll get to see all the Halloween specials which I'm certain will be dominating the airwaves day and night. :-)

I didn't get to watch Rafa's match against Monfils but was happy to see that he won it rather handily. I did manage to view a bit of the Djokovic/Tsonga match - unfortunately the part when Djoker was winning in the second set. MEH. Fortunately Tsonga crushed him after that. It will be interesting to see how Tsonga matches up against Roddick in the QF today. Rafa is still in doubles as well with Juan Monaco - that must be a fun pair to watch. Those lucky Parisians! And Feli is out - I guess I won't be seeing him again until next year unless he plays Davis Cup in November (which I'm hoping will be the case).
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You'll be better by Saturday I'm sure of it!

Poor Feli. Out again...maybe Sergio can sub on the Davis cup just in case you know?